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Pac 12 Pick Em - Week Ten

USC at Colorado

I actually feel sorry for Jon Embree and Colorado. The Buffs need multiple great recruiting classes to become competitive again. USC is hitting its stride right now and I like how the Kiffin's are coaching the team. Matt Barkley and company are going to have a field day in Boulder.

Vegas - USC by 21 1/2 - John B Picks - USC 48 Colorado 24

Stanford at Oregon State

The Beavers have been up and down all season and this is definitely going to be one of those serious down weeks. Stanford is going to roll all over these guys.

Vegas - Stanford by 21 1/2 - John B Picks - Stanford 55 Oregon State 17

Washington State at California

The Cougars played pretty well last week against the Ducks while the Bears folded against UCLA. Conventional wisdom is telling me to pick Cal at home but WSU does have the capability of beating this team.

Vegas - Cal by 10 - John B Picks - California 26 Washington State 23

Utah at Arizona

The Wildcats are a scrappy bunch that keeps fighting very week. Utah's offense can't keep up with these guys even if they are able to slow the UA offense it down a bit. The only way Utah wins this is if their defense can score some points and hold UA to three's.

Vegas - Arizona by 3 1/2 - John B Picks - Arizona 31 Utah 24

Arizona State at UCLA

Rick and his team were all but given up for dead last week until the old Slickster pulled the "Burn the Boats" speech out of his back pocket. How do you follow that one up this week against a defense that is very capable of snuffing your running game?

Vegas - Arizona State by 10 - John B Picks  - Arizona State 31 UCLA 24

Oregon at Washington

Vegas - Oregon by 16 1/2 - John B will reveal his prediction on Friday.