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Grading the Game - Oregon State

Quarterback - Nick Montana simply didn't get it done in relief of Keith Price. It wasn't all his fault because Sark didn't do him or the team any favors with the way that he called the game. If Keith Price starts the game and simply hands off to Chris Polk 35 times Washington wins this game by a couple of touchdowns. Same thing if Montana starts but Sark is too impatient to crunch it out on the ground (more on that later). So if Keith Price is capable of playing why did Sark put him in the game and risk his health when the contest was all but lost? This is definitely the low point of Sarks career at Washington...a humbling loss that is completely on his shoulders rather than his players. - Grade F

Running Back - The Huskies could have easily ridden Chris Polk to a boring victory but Sark decided he didn't want to win without the style points earned in the passing game. The result was that Polk was basically abandoned in the second half when the Huskies fell hehind and only gained 109 yards on 25 carries...give him the ball 10 more times and the Huskies win this game. You have to question Sark's crappy play calling. - Grade C

Receivers - Montana was terrible beyond 7-10 yards with the exception of the botched ASJ (potential) TD grab so we didn't really get to see the strongest unit on the team get a chance to really compete today. ASJ's botched TD catch is half the reason the Huskies lost the game. Kasen Williams' botched catch/interception at the goal line was another prime reason for the loss. The super frosh cost UW 14 points!  - Grade D Minus

Offensive Line - These guys continued to suck against one of the worst defensive lines in the country. Nick Wood is the best they could do when Colin Tanigiwa went down with a torn ACL? He is the first guy off the bench..yikes! That doesn't speak well of the rest of the players who comprise the Cascade Front that was recruited two years ago.- Grade F

Defensive Line - There was push at times but it was inconsistent. These guys continue to disappoint on a weekly basis. How much of it is coaching and how much of it is unmotivated talent? OSU picked up most of their decisive big gains when Washington was stunting. Looks like Holt's calls were pretty easy to read today.- Grade D

Linebacker - If everyone on the UW defense prepared and played like Cort Dennison this would be a top twenty five team. That being said the two guys playing next to him (Timu and Fuimaono ) are absolutely terrible on a weekly basis. They tackle like a couple of grade school girls...ooops...sorry to defame grade school girls. One of the worst performances I have seen all season from this group. - Grade D

Secondary - Take a deep breath...the Quinton Richardson era only has another game or two left until he leaves the scene and enters the history books as the worst Husky CB since Chris Massey. Trufant stunk it up the entire first half and was pretty much responsible for the first 14 points the Beavers scored. - Grade F

Special Teams - Husky special teams provided excellent field position for the Beavers and terrible filed position for the Dawgs. On top of that the usual accurate Folk badly shanked a FG try that would have provided a lot of momentum. - Grade - F

Coaching - To me this is the type of game that helps coaches and athletic directors ( hearing me Scott Woodward?) lose their jobs. Tough to tell if it was Steve Sarkisian or Paul Wulff on the Washington sideline today. It was a completely inept job of preparation and play calling on both sides of the ball.

Sark didn't have a clue when it came to calling plays on offense. He took a small and terrible sample of Nick Montana and decided to put the game on his shoulders rather than hammering the ball continually with Chris Polk which would have won the game. Sark doesn't have any patience and that lack of patience cost the team a win today.

Question of the day - If Keith Price is health enough to play and play well enough to win with why wait til till the game is almost out of reach to put him in?

Defensively the Huskies were terrible giving up big play after big play to one of the countries worst offenses. How many missed tackles did you see today? Is that coaching, scheming, or talent? You can't put that all on the kids. They may be young but they shouldn't be this terrible. - Grade Triple F Minus