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Pac 12 Pick Em - Week Twelve

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Utah at Washington State

After watching the Cougs beat ASU last week I am beginning to think that anything is possible. That included the possibility of WSU winning this Saturday and Paul wulff keeping his job another year. Improvement in the face of adversity should be rewarded.

Vegas  - Utah by 3 1/2 - John B Picks - WSU 31 Utah 28

Colorado at UCLA

The Bruins will become bowl eligible this week but is that enough to save Rick Neuheisel's job?

Vegas - UCLA by 10 1/2 - John B Picks - UCLA 35 Colorado 21

USC at Oregon

This is the big one...the second game of the century for the Ducks in two weeks if you ask the folks at ATQ. The Trojans are playing well right now and I would love to see them knock the Ducks off but I don't see it happening in Eugene.

Vegas - Oregon by 15 - John B Picks - Oregon 45 USC 35

Arizona at Arizona State

If Dennis Erickson loses this one chances are he is going to get fired. That being said there is absolutely no way they lose to the Wildcats.

Vegas - ASU by 11 - John B Picks - ASU 31 UA 17

California at Stanford

Even though anything can happen in the "Big Game" the Cards won't need the help of the band to put a beating on the Bears this year.

Vegas - Stanford by 18 - John B Picks - Stanford 42 California 20

Washington at Oregon State

Vegas - UW by 2 - John B will reveal his pick on Friday afternoon!