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Will Montana Start?

UW QB Keith Price is going to get an MRI done on his knee today. Sark says he would have done it yesterday but the machine was broken. A friend of mine who is a physician at UW started laughing when he read take it as you will. Never the less Sark said on his radio show last night that he would announce a starter early in the week.

Even if the result of the test are negative Keith Price is pretty beat up right now. He is a really tough kid but the pounding he has received all season and especially last week have taken its toll. Sitting him for a week and allowing him to get healthy for the Apple Cup isn't a bad idea.

Washington can win with Nick Montana starting at quarterback.nick has gotten some decent playing time over the past few weeks and he should be up to the challenge if the entire load isn't put on his shoulders.

The key to victory is still the same as it would be with Price in the game. Hand the ball off to Chris Polk 30-35 times and let him do some damage against one of the poorer run defenses in the country.