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Winning a game when you shoot poorly and turn the ball over is always nice. It's going to happen - and with this roster composition it's likely to happen more than you'd like to see - and when it does you just hope that the other team fares similarly so you can get your result and move on. The Huskies did exactly that. Again, no video so it's tough to give much analysis beyond the box score.

One thing that has been jarring to see: Tony Wroten is a ball hog. Maybe it doesn't seem like that when watching him, but he is using an insane number of the Huskies possessions through the first two games, and at this point in his career he's not a good enough player to justify it. His Pos% in games 1 and 2 were 37.9 and 40.9, respectively. If that doesn't mean much to you, I'll put it this way: he's dominating the ball more than Stephen Curry did his final year at Davidson. He's putting together a higher Pos% than Evan Turner ever did. It's early. It's a small sample. But those numbers are not a good way to start a career. He's using possessions almost twice as much as I would like to see. If he were a transcendent, instant impact, John Wall type player right now it would be fine, but too many times he's giving the opposition the ball off of turnovers and missed shots. And not hitting free throws doesn't help either. When you have as many players capable of filling it up as the Huskies do, if Tony Wroten continues to use the ball as the rate he is, the team is going to struggle as the schedule toughens.


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Portland is a good team. Not a great team, but good enough to beat the Huskies if they don't take them seriously. They proved that a few years ago. Portland hasn't impressed early in this tournament, winning both their games by 5 points. Though the same could be said about the Huskies.

It'll be nice to finally see the Dawgs in action. Hooray for ROOT Sports! /kills self