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Not being able to watch yesterday's game, I can't say that the Huskies looked good, but the result was good and the numbers reflected a relatively comfortable win against an inferior opponent. As expected. C.J. Wilcox was the Huskies best player, putting up a 22/6/3/2 line and 5/8 from deep. These kinds of performances are not unexpected from Wilcox. He's a supremely talented player. The big surprise of the game was Darnell Gant putting up a career high 18 points. He's not going to shoot 7/8 every night, but the fact that he seems to have continued adding to his offensive repertoire is encouraging. Tony Wroten scored 18 points, but wasn't very efficient in doing so - it took him 14 shots to get there - and he was part of what was probably the biggest concern coming out of this game: turnovers. The team as a whole took care of the ball pretty well, but when your two point guards (Abdul Gaddy and Wroten) each have four, it might be cause for concern and is definitely something to keep an eye on.

Otherwise, this game was nothing to really write home about, which is exactly the kind of game you want from your opener. 



Let's take a moment to talk about PANIC! Jernard Jarreau and Andrew Andrews didn't play in the opener, the reason being that they're redshirting. Andrews was expected, but Jarreau was a basically a last minute decision though not completely shocking. They'll sit the year out, work on their skills and get stronger while moving back a class. So they're basically 2012 commits. Now, the consensus among the fanbase seems to be that since Lorenzo Romar has not received a commitment for next year's class yet that there should be a certain amount of freaking out going on about it. 

If there's one thing that I'm not worried about with the Husky basketball program, it's Coach Romar's recruiting. He's landed the big fish (Hawes, Brockman, Pondexter), he's hit with JUCO's (Simmons, N'Diaye), and he's found under the radar players (Wilcox). His recruiting classes are typically pretty good, but even if they sign nobody (don't expect that) I'd be fine with a class of Andrews and Jarreau, especially when you consider that Andrews basically was a 2012 commit to begin with but a scholarship happened to be available when Isaiah Thomas jumped to the NBA. What's likely is that they'll add a player or two to the redshirts and continue to target some bigger players in the next couple of years and the program will keep on keepin on. There's no cause for concern.

In any case, the Huskies have another matchup with a team that they should have out manned. It's pretty much another tuneup for Monday's game against Portland, when we can start to really learn about what this year's version of the Dancin Dawgs has to offer.