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Pac 12 Pick Em - Week Six

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California at Oregon

This game is going to be an interesting test because the Bears tend to match up pretty well against the Ducks. They match up so well that they almost upset Oregon in Berkeley last season. The pro's have the Ducks favored by 24 points and I think that is way too much. Am I predicting an upset? Nope, but I think it will be closer than people think until the Ducks pull away in the fourth quarter.

Vegas - Ducks by 24 - John B Picks - Oregon 38 California 21

Arizona at Oregon State

Are the Wildcats going to finally win a game against an FBS opponent? If you look at the line you can tell that they aren't inspiring much confidence in Las Vegas. That being said Oregon State doesn't inspire me either even though it appears that they are starting to play better. I just don't see the Beav secondary being able to handle Noles and Criner.

Vegas - Wildcats by 1-1/2 - John B Picks - Arizona 31 Oregon State 24

Arizona State at Utah

This looked like a potential trap game for the Sun Devils. That being said the loss of QB Jordan Wynn for this game could end up being crippling for the Utes. Key to a Utah victory is taking advantage of potential sloppy Sun Devil play and grabbing some turnovers.

Vegas - ASU by 3 - John B Picks - Arizona State 31 Utah 17

Colorado at Stanford

The only thing in doubt about this contest is how soon the Cardinal will call off the dogs. This has the potential to be ugly early and late. Whatever spirit the Buffs have left the Cardinal are going to take away which bodes well for UW in a week.

Vegas - Stanford by 27 1/2 - John B Picks - Stanford 45 Colorado 12

Washington State at UCLA

Ask yourself this one simple question...who wants this one more? UCLA or Washington State? I am thinking that team is the Cougars and simple desire will end up being the key to the game. Jeff Tuel is back but the Lobster will be starting. You need to stick with the Crustacean that brought you to this point.

Vegas - UCLA by 3 1/2 - John B Picks - Washington State 31 UCLA 28