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Pac-12 on backburner in national scene

Who really gives a sh*t about USC?

Every day they are down is a great day for Washington!

I say everlasting death to the University of Spoiled Children!

Just for the record I hate Kirk Herbstreit as much as I hate Ohio State...I guess both are kind of synonymous. Herbstreit is a total douche bag...but I guess you can say that about anyone who went to Ohio State...

I also guess once you reach 4-1 for the second time in a decade you kinda get cocky!

Kirk Herbstreit said it, not mincing a lot of words, the other morning on ESPN's College GameDay. The message was that with USC's probation and fall from prominence the past couple of years, Pac-12 football has been pushed to the back burner in the national consciousness.

Bud Withers