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Grading the Game - Arizona

Chris Polk  was special on Saturday night. He scored five touchdowns (four on the ground and one through the air) and became the first player in Husky history with over 100 yards rushing and 100 yards receiving in a game as the Huskies slipped by Arizona 42-31.

This was a solid win over an Arizona squad that has a lot of fight left in it. I really enjoyed watching this game. Both of these squads approached the game with a high level of energy and effort. The key to the game for UW was winning the battle of the red zone. (Limiting the Cats to 3's rather than 7's.)

The Huskies weren't close to being flawless. They could have blown it open in the third quarter if a freak pick six hadn't occurred. The win pushes Washington's record to 6-2 heading into a pivotal game with Oregon next weekend in what will be the finale for old Husky Stadium.


We have all seen Keith Price play better. He and the entire offense started the game a little slow and slightly out of sync. For the evening he was 16-30 with only one TD pass. Tipped balls were his enemy last night. Two of his three interceptions came from tips. He also had a couple of passes that were batted down to the ground by the Cat defense. The 91 yard pick six in the third quarter was just brutal. Keith really needs to take it back to a higher level next week against Oregon if the Huskies expect to compete with the Duckies and the Trojans. - Grade B Minus

Running Back

The coaches fed the beast that is Chris Polk with 34 carries who responded with 144 yards and four rushing TD's. He also had four catches for 100 yards and a TD catch. This might have been Polk's most dominating game as a Husky in a career made up of dominating games. Unsung hero Jonathan Amosa continues to block well on almost every play. 18 career games for Chris Polk with 100 or more yards which is a school record. - Grade A Plus


Second straight sub par performance in a row for these guys. Way too many tips, bobbles, and drops. If you take away the performance of Chris Polk who had a monster day (4 catches - 100 yards - 1 TD) you really don't have much that stands out other than the possible emergence of Kasen Williams who had a couple of nice grabs.  - Grade - C 

Offensive Line

When your offense puts up 42 points and nearly 500 yards your offensive line is probably doing a few things right. They weren't perfect because Price was sacked twice and he felt the pressure at times but they got the job done. Polk and Price make these guys look a lot better than they are. They need to kick it up a notch or two next week. Grade - B Minus

Defensive Line

The Huskies completely shut down the Arizona running game which was one of the key to the victory. They moved Thompson back inside for most of the game and he responded by having one of is better game of the year. Overall I think these guys played with a lot of energy and they did a nice job of putting pressure on Nick Foles. - Grade B


Cort Dennison had a great game. He had eight tackles, an interception, and he did a great job of supporting the young LB's flanking him on both sides. Timu and Fui had their best games so far this season.  - Grade B


Overall I think these guys did a good job despite giving up nearly 400 yards. We all knew going in that Arizona was going to pick up a bunch of yards through the air and they did. The good news was they didn't pick it up in big chunks. Tackling is still too sloppy for my taste but they helped hold the Wildcats to 31 points which was a pretty good performance. Anthony Gobern had some nice moments. Sean Parker keeps getting better every game. He is pretty fun to watch. Nate Fellner had a nice interception early in the third quarter. - Grade C Plus

Special Teams

Kevin Smith and Jessie Callier did a real nice job on kickoff returns. Remember when we didn't have a return threat? I think it is safe to say that Smith is going to take one to the house before the year is over. Coverage was decent but it needs to be much better against Oregon. - Grade B


Sark and his staff did a nice job getting the kids focused and ready to play this week. It's tough bouncing back from a humiliating loss but they were able to put that behind them and pick up an important win. I thought he did a nice of calling the game even though his players weren't as sharp as usual.

The Husky defense produced four turnovers and picked up two critical ones in the fourth quarter which cemented the victory. The Arizona offense only scored two touchdowns which was huge and showed red zone superiority. Coach Holt obviously made some changes during the week and had a decent plan going into this game which ended up working pretty well.

Grade B Plus

Special Mention for Pac 12 Officials

Michael Hartvigson had a tremendous catch that was taken away by the Pac 12 refs on a terrible call. Hard to believe that these jokers still got it wrong after the review. That was one of the worst reviews I have ever seen. How can you call it incomplete after the guys runs with it for three or four strides?

The targeting call on Nate Fellner in the third quarter was a complete joke. It was simply a clean hit on a receiver crossing the middle. Crap calls like that can change the outcome of the game. These officials were simply terrible.

Sark - "I don't get it. I'm not going to get into it because I'll say something stupid and I'll get fined for it. I don't understand it."