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Pac 12 Pick Em - Week Nine

Washington State at Oregon

Trick or treat - smell my feet - going to Autzen to get beat! The Paul Wulff farewell tour heads to Eugene, Oregon this weekend. If Chip Kelly is smart he will rest Thomas and James for the trip to Seattle. If Wulff was smart he would have stuck with Lobster the entire season.

Vegas - UO by 35 - John B Picks - Oregon 52 WSU 21

Colorado at Arizona State

The fun continues for the Buffaloes in Tempe. Whatever is left of their offense is going to get manhandled and injured against the Devil defense. This isn't going to be pretty. Don't let your children watch!

Vegas - ASU by 30 1/2 - John B Picks - ASU 48 Colorado 14

California at UCLA

Win one for the Slickster! Rick Neuheisel has been a dead man walking all season and now it appears his players have given up on him. Whatever thin thread of hope he has going for him hinges on getting this win on Saturday. Cal is coming off a nice win at Utah but you never know when they are going to self destruct either.

Vegas - Cal by 5 - John B Picks - California 31 UCLA 17

Stanford at Southern California

The Pac 12's two private school's have an interesting rivalry. SC played the Cards down to the wire last season. This year not so much despite coming off an upset of Notre Dame...note to odds makers...the Irish suck. I don't see the SC defense stopping Luck and company. I don't see Barkley having a great day against the Stanford D...I also don't see Stanford scoring 65 points.

Vegas - Stanford by 7 1/2 - John B Picks - Stanford 38 USC 21

Oregon State at Utah

Both teams have lost badly to a mediocre BYU team this season, but I liked the way that the Beavers demolished WSU in Seattle. This will be  real close one. that was serious brain fart on my part...but there is no such thing as a do-over in Pac 12 Pick-Em. Just for the record...Utah destroyed BYU in Provo.

Vegas - Utah by 5 - John B Picks - Oregon State 27 Utah 23

Arizona at Washington

Vegas - UW by 5 - I will be making my prediction on Friday afternoon.