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Looking ahead to Arizona

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The Huskies celebrate homecoming this year by hosting the 2-5 Arizona Wildcats in a game that will be nationally televised by FSN. It is a big game for Washington. Win this one (and they should) they qualify for a second consecutive bowl game in year three of the Sark regime.

It is going to be one of those blackout night games that features the Huskies playing in all black uniforms. The players really did dig the all blacks. They say (and I am not making this up) that the black uniforms make them feel faster, sleeker, and stronger. So I guess the timing is the perfect time to take them out of the closet.

Beating Arizona is not looking as easy as it did a couple of weeks ago. They fired coach Mike Stoops before a bye week and then they stormed out and destroyed UCLA 48-12 last Thursday on national TV. Not exactly the scenario I expected since I gave the Wildcats up for dead. As it turns out UCLA was much deader than Arizona.

So we have to assume going forward that the Cats are playing to win and they should be a formidable opponent despite the record on Saturday night. Nick Foles is an excellent quarterback who has experience carving up the Washington defense.

Arizona isn't afraid of Washington. They know they can beat Washington. They thumped the Huskies 44-10 in Tucson last season in a game that was over at halftime. Matt Scott was 18-22 for 232 yards and two touchdowns. The Cats also picked up a whopping 239 yards on the ground!

The big difference for Arizona this year is that they sport a defense that hasn't been able to stop anyone. The Cat's give up 33.9 points per game in comparison the the Huskies 33.7. They give up an average of 461 yards in comparison to the Huskies 431.

Arizona is also handicapped going into this game by the suspensions of four defensive backs for brawling on the field with UCLA last week. Keith Price should like what he see's when he looks down field. Nick folk always does when playing UW so this could turn into a track meet.

What makes Arizona dangerous is that there offense still can put a lot of points on the scoreboards. They are third in the conference in total offense while averaging 471 per game. 373 of those yards per game have come through the air so a key to victory is definitely putting pressure on Nick Foles.

Washington is a much more balanced team than Arizona. This is the type of game where you need to get a ahead a couple of scores and feed the ball to Chris Polk. Burn up the clock while dominating the time of possession which keeps Nick Foles and his high flying offense on the bench.

The Huskies are pretty good at bouncing back after a tough defeat. The players and coaches are just as upset about last week as the fan base currently is. They know they can learn from the experience and do better this week.

Perfection may not be within their grasp this season but victories on most weekend are which is a huge improvement for a program that was 0-12 three seasons ago.