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Harry Husky and His 12-PAC: Post-Stanford Edition

This was a rough weekend for Seattle Sports Fans. Husky Basketball lost a big basketball recruit to WSU. The Husky defense was terrible and the offense didn't have much else to add. And The Seahawks offense was so bad, that it not only knocked the Hawks out of any playoff hopes, but the score reminded me of the Mariners!  

Personally, I'm not ready to turn on Defensive Coordinator Nick Holt yet because the last thing I want for the Huskies is to dismiss a coach during what can still be a great season for the Huskies (no way a dismissal actually happens, just sayin').  We're 5-2, which is a record I would have killed for last season.  My proposal is that we spend the rest of today getting everything off our chests, and then move forward towards clinching a bowl.  (You hear that?  We can clinch the postseason this Saturday!  In October?!  Music!)

Still not sure how to deal with the frustration?  Take some pointers from Harry.  


Let's move on.