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The Monday Morning Wash

I've seen a lot of terrible Husky football games since November 24th of 2001. That was the day Miami put a 65-7 shellacking on Washington in the Orange Bowl. It was also the day that a proud tradition of defense dating back to 1957 under coaches Owens, James, and Lambright officially died.

One can fairly say that after a 65-21 loss to Stanford that nothing much has changed over the years other than head coaches and defensive coordinators. Despite all the changes Washington's defense is still among the worst statistically in the BCS.

Allowing 446 yards on the ground, 615 yards overall, and 65 points is just mind numbingly bad. The defense simply stinks right now and there is enough talent and depth on the roster for it to be better than that.

After the game, Coach Holt said: "We’re not there yet physically in our program, with our guys, with just staying toe-to-toe consistently. " (Which is a nice way of saying that they were bigger and better than us and just kicked our asses all over the field.)

I am not buying into that completely. Something isn't clicking and it seems to be more than simply talent, strength, and experience. The defense isn't playing as cohesively as it can and there should be a way to improve that as the season continues.

The team needs to bounce back strong this week against Arizona. Despite the tough loss the team can accomplish things this year that haven't been done in a decade which is a pretty remarkable feat in itself.

Note to the Board Members

Over the last couple of weeks a number of our members have been out of line in some of their comments and the way they treat other posters and our writers. We actually had one of our writers quit/take time off/reevaluate this past week because of the negative personal comments that were directed toward him and his articles.

I think what was really disappointing to he and I was the fact that a number of our readers actually rec'd the nasty exchange. So I guess that sent the solid signal that his contributions were not wanted and appreciated so now he is gone.

It is OK to disagree/debate but it is not OK to treat people with a lack of respect! The Cassino and I sent out a number of warnings to the folks involved over the weekend. If you received one of those warnings you need to understand that you are on thin ice and if there is a single recurrence I will ban you from the blog.

Pac 12 Power Rankings

1. Stanford...The Cardinal dominated Washington in every phase of the game including coaching. Up next is a big game with USC who is coming off a solid win on the road against Notre Dame.

2. Oregon...The Ducks coasted and showed some mercy in a win over Colorado. This week they get the Cougars at home in what should be another laugher.

3. Arizona State...Sparky had the week off and they get Colorado at home this week which is kind of like taking the week off.

4. Southern California...Impressive win over Notre Dame in South Bend extends their record to 6-1. This week they get the Tree at home in a game that will tell us what the Trojans are made of.

5. Washington...Huskies need to bounce back after a devastating loss to Stanford. Up next is Arizona who blew us all away with a 48-12 win over UCLA the week after firing Mike Stoops. If UW wins they are bowl eligible for the second straight season.

6. California...Good win for the Bears over Utah. This week they get UCLA and they shouldn't have a problem throttling the sliding Bruins and improving to 5-3.

7. Arizona...Great win over UCLA in a fight marred football game. Arizona had three DB's suspended for their participation in the fight and that will hurt against Washington this week.

8. Utah...The Utes are 0-4 in conference play after falling to California. They get Oregon State at home this week that could end up being their first conference win.

9. Oregon State...Dominating 44-21win over Washington State in Seattle. This week it is scrappy Utah on the road in Salt Lake.

10. UCLA...No matter what AD Dan Guerrero says the Rick Neuheisel era at UCLA is coming to an end. A loss to Cal at home this weekend will cement that.

11. Washington State...The Cougars were dominated by Oregon State in Seattle. This week they travel to Eugene to be sacrificed on the floor of Autzen Stadium.

12. Colorado...The schedule doesn't get any easier. Arizona State isn't going to have trouble with the Buffs.