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Grading the Game - Stanford

Hey...before everyone jumps all over Sark, Holt, and the entire Husky Football team...keep this in mind...Stanford might be one of the top two or three teams in the country...that being said letting them put up 60 plus points is completely I guess jumping all over the bald one is acceptable.

The Cards are older and wiser than this current edition of the Huskies. That being said they are at a peak that they probably won't be able sustain going forward...I guess a tip of the hat to Stanford is deserved for humiliating the Huskies for the second year in a row.

All fingers now firmly point toward DC Nick Holt who was completely over matched in every single way last night. I hate to say it but the Huskies could probably do a lot better than Holt for a lot less money. He just doesn't seem to have what it takes to be a big time DC.

Quarterback - Keith Price was 23-36 for 247 yards, one TD, and one interception. Those are pretty good numbers when you factor in that he had consistent pressure throughout the evening. Keith is going to win a lot of games ove the next two years...this just wasn't one of them. Grade - B Minus

Running Back - Chris Polk had 144 yards on only 15 carries. Most of us thought that if he put up numbers like that the Huskies would win. The key stat is that he only had 15 carries...another key stat is most of his yards were picked up on two plays in the first half. Grade - B

Receivers - The thing I really like about Keith Price is that he distributes the ball all over the field and last night was not an exception. Eight different players caught passes last night but the big plays were missing. Jermaine Kearse continues to drop way too many passes...the reason for that is he is afraid to take a hit. He has way too much Tyrone in his makeup. ASJ had some nice blocks out there which was good to see.  Grade - C

Offensive Line - The Huskies picked up 430 yards and that is usually enough to win a football game. The exception in this case was most of the yards were picked up in a couple of big chunks by Chris Polk. Stanford was able to contain Price and shrink the pocket which was one of the keys to victory. Price was knocked around all day and that is completely on these guys. Grade - D

Defensive Line - The Huskies were beaten thoroughly by the Tree offensive from the first snap to the last snap.They gave up a total of 446 yards on the ground! That is  an absolutely ridiculous number. If you are a NFL scout watch this film and it will save your job and your team a lot of money. Do not draft Alameda Ta'amu...he was dominated the entire game. Grade - F

Linebacker - Even in the worst of situations I can usually reserve some praise for Cort Dennison. Tough for me to do that today because the Stanford offensive line treated him like their own personal pinata. I know he left it all out on the field as usual but Stanford simply has better athletes at this point.  What about the other guys? Call it a learning situation.  Grade - F

Secondary - Andrew Luck was 16-21 for only 160 yards and two TD's. He could have quadrupled those numbers if he needed to. I think Sean Parker is going to be a pretty good player. He had a couple of pretty nice plays. Desmond Trufant dropped a sure interception in the end zone in the first quarter. Grade - D

Special Teams- Folk banging one off the upright in the first half pretty much summed up the evening. The Huskies had a school record 12 kick off returns which didn't net much.  Grade - C Minus

Coaching - I have seen Sark call better games but play selection didn't lose this game. Being manhandled up front all night is what did that. The defense of course didn't show up at all and the head man needs to take some responsibility for that.

Nick Holt isn't getting the job done...period. You have to be able to line your players up correctly and in year three he still can't get it done. Stanford obviously is a much better team and there is an obvious chasm in talent levels...but 65 points? You can't blame that all on the hand your dealt.  Grade - F

Special Mention to ABC/ESPN - That was probably the worst game from a production standpoint I have ever seen in my life. Just a completely terrible job of announcing and producing a major college football game. It was so bad it made me yearn for the dream broadcast team of Petros Papadakis, Lou Gellos, and Sonny Sixkiller with Angie Mentink on the sidelines. How many times did Matt Millen call Andrew Luck ...Oliver Luck? We could probably design a drinking game around that. Sean McDonough has all the personality of a soggy piece of bread.