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Harry Husky and His 12-PAC: Stanford Edition


Last week, John introduced you all to "Harry Husky and his 12-PAC." I'd like to start by thanking everyone for the positive feedback on the first comic and I look forward to the privilege of writing a new comic every week! It has been a personal goal of mine to live out the inspiration I received as a kid from Calvin and Hobbes & Dragon Ball Z.

The key to Harry's character is that his emotions and enthusiasm are a reflection of what we as Husky fans feel about our beloved team. So while his interactions with fellow mascots will be a large part of the comic's storyline, we'll see Harry in a number of different situations: good, bad, or Husky (too much?).

So without further adieu, here is this week's edition of "Harry Husky and his 12-PAC."


1. Yes that is Drew Carey.

2. No, I don't think anyone is actually overlooking/forgetting about Andrew Luck. But we as Husky fans have to hope for a little bit of our own "luck" if we want to win on Saturday; because the "Price" being right might not be enough.