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Grading the Game - Utah

Quarterback - Keith Price wasn't exactly himself in the first half. Utah to their credit was able to keep the Washington offense from getting untracked in the first half. Sark and company were able to make adjustments at the half which allowed the Huskies to open a 17-7 lead early in the fourth quarter. Price was 22-30 on the game with 3 second half TD passes. Grade B Plus

Running Backs - Chris Polk ripped off a 49 yard run on the first series of the third quarter en-route to a 189 yard performance which broke the back of the Ute defense. Polk kept getting better as the game went on and he single handedly broke the back of a good Utah defense in the second half. Polk was able to get to the second level in the second half because Amosa was doing an amazing job as a lead blocker. Grade A

Receivers - Jermaine Kearse led all receivers with seven catches. ASJ continues to play like the true man child that he is. Kasen Williams had his best overall game and continues to get more chances as we near the mid point of the season. Chris Polk had three receptions which shows how diversified this Husky offense has become. Good game for these guys but too many drops to get an A grade.  Grade B Plus

Offensive Line - The line got pretty good push all night and the right side (Kohler/Porter) played much better this week. The Huskies wore the Utes down as the game went on and that is the signature of dominant line play. Grade B Plus

Defensive Line - Everyone contributed and played at a high level. Best game of the year for these guys. Josh Shirley arrived on the first series when he dumped Utah QB Jordan Wynn on his butt with a bone crunching sack. Utah was averaging 171 yards per game on the ground and they only picked up 17 against UW...Wow. One more thing...Semisi Tokolahi is back and he had some excellent reps. Look for him to play a lot after the bye week. Grade A

Linebackers - Best game of the year for this group. Cort Dennison led the team with ten tackles. This is a young unit that is coming of age. I love how Jamall Kearse and Garret Gilliliand are playing. Princeton Fuimaono had the best game of his young career. Grade A

Defensive Backs - The Huskies gave up 305 yards through the air but the Ute air attack was never really consistent. there is still work to do back here but overall it was a pretty good performance for a group of guys that have had a tough go so far this season. Quinton Richardson still is having problems back there. He gave up the last TD of the game as time was running out in the fourth quarter. Grade B

Special Teams - Another excellent game by these guys. Folk hit a big FG at the end of the first half to give the Huskies a lift an the lead at the half.

Coaching - Nice job on both sides of the ball by the Husky coaching staff. The fire Nick Holt folks get to take a couple of weeks off after this stellar defensive performance. The bald one called a great game and most importantly his young players are beginning to mature on the job.

Sark did a nice job mixing it up with his play calling. The only thing I found that was mildly disturbing was not taking Price and Polk out of the game late in the fourth quarter. Its garbage time...let Nick Montana play and don't risk the knees of your starting QB.

The team picked up five turnovers and only turned it over once which was probably the key stat of the game.

Grade A