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Washington - Utah: Post Mortem

I thought I'd get a post-game thread up here until we get JB's grades.  Here are a few of my own thoughts after last night's game.

1.  Any road win is a good road win.  Period.

2.  I know he whiffed on one block, but how good is Jonathon Amosa?  I counted at least two pancakes and one critical chip block on a long Polk run. 

3.  What would Jake Locker have done with ASJ (or Kevario, for that matter) in the lineup (and, please, don't give me that accuracy bullocks). 

4.  I thought Utah outplayed us in the first half.  They were obviously mistake prone at the QB position, but they were more physical - especially their D line on our O line.  Credit to Sark for pulling Kohler and moving the run game more to the edges in the second half.

5.  Watching the third quarter style of play took me back to the early nineties.  That kind of physical play was the first we've seen of it this season.

6.  I was particularly impressed with our Defensive play versus the run.  We continue to struggle in the pass D, but if we can make opposing offenses one dimensional, we are going to have our chances against some of the better teams in the Pac.

7.  Getting to four wins this early - by taking two of the "toss up" games on our schedule - bodes well for us not just in terms of getting bowl eligible but in positioning ourselves to get to that upper tier of eight maybe nine wins that most of us thought was the ceiling.

8.  Shout out to Semisi Tokolahi.  We simply are a different team when he is out there.  No question.

9.  I'm a bit concerned about the RB situation.  We are down to two guys available to run.  Hopefully Jesse returns to health soon.

10.  With the BYE week upon us, time to look at starting jobs that are open to competition.  I have to think that Kearse, Gililand, Hatchie and Glenn are all going to get chances to officially seize first team roles.  Along those lines, its pretty clear that the TE is already ASJ one and then Michael / Evan two and three.  There also remains the battle at Punter.

Use this thread to talk about the game until JB gets back with his grades.