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UWDawgpound Week 8 Poll


Not much change at the top, though with the suspension of Tyrann Mathieu LSU loses arguably the biggest playmaker lacing em up on Saturdays - on either side of the ball. The should still beat Auburn (handily), but if the Honey Badger and Spencer Ware miss more than one game the looming showdown with Alabama tilts in the direction of the Crimson Tide. Just a hunch: we'll see both players in that game.

I moved Okie State above Clemson not so much because I was impressed by their victory over Texas, but because Clemson nearly lost to Maryland and they're just not a team that I'm comfortable trusting. Sammy Watkins can't save them every week.

South Carolina looked pretty terrible against an also terrible looking Mississippi State, and with the loss of Marcus Lattimore, they're probably not going to be staying in the top-25 much longer.

Michigan finally played somebody and it should surprise nobody that they lost. Denard Robinson isn't a good fit with the new coaching staff. He can't run a pro style offense, and the staff won't run a full-on spread. It's a no man's land which hurts everybody involved, especially anyone unfortunate enough to watch it happen. Michigan State looked pretty good in that game - defensively, anyway. Makes me think that they might only lose to Wisconsin by 20 or so, and not the 30 I had them pegged for.

I really think Arizona State could be better than a lot of these teams, but my lord are they a dumb team. You'd be hard pressed to find another team in the history of football that does as good a job at beating themselves as these Sun Devils, and then takes some kind of sick pride in it. It's really odd.

Texas is not, in fact, still Texas.