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Introducing Harry Husky and His 12 Pac

Last week we asked for suggestions on how to make the blog better. One thing I tossed out there was having a Husky Comic before each game. One of our readers just happens to be a graphic artist and was inspired by the challenge. So everyone lets welcome our newest contributor Justin Lee and his creation Harry Husky.

Basically the story is this, every week Harry Husky has some humorous conversation with his fellow mascots which highlight the storyline surrounding the game. Obviously the storyline this week is that Colorado is struggling and Harry is trying to console his friend.

Harry also has a dark side which is shown when the calendar on his i-phone shows that he had previously made plans to go Buffalo hunting on Saturday. I hope you guys really enjoy this and appreciate the work Justin is doing. Comics are a labor intensive treat.

Please click on the comic so you can enjoy it at full size. We are going to have to tinker with the formatting of the strip in relation to the blog so we hit it spot on next time....talking about spot on I think Justin hit it out of the park on the very first pitch!