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Week 7 BlogPoll

You can argue all you want about the order of the top 8, but there is no debate that those teams are (right now) the 8 best in the country. It's just a matter of time until they sort themselves out, with Clemson Clemsoning a game at some point, Stanford beginning the Division 1 portion of their schedule, the LSU/Alabama and Oklahoma/OSU matchups, and Boise State grinding through their schedule - just kidding, Boise State will continue playing no one and stay at the bottom of the unbeatens as a result. Wisconsin is probably going to romp through the B1G pile of garbage they play though.

Oregon, WVU and Arkansas are right there and there's no shame in their losses (LSU, LSU and Alabama respectively). I'd take these three over anyone below them.

The rest of the top 25 is pretty indistinguishable. Could move any of the rest up or down and theres an argument for it.