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The Monday Morning Wash

The Huskies return to practice on Monday to prepare for the Colorado Buffalo's who will be visiting Montlake this Saturday.  The Buff's were completely obliterated this past weekend by Stanford 48-7 in contest the Cardinal dominated in every way from start to finish.

Every game and every week is different in college football but I am expecting the results to be similar this weekend in Husky Stadium. Colorado is running out of gas and the Huskies just stopped by the pump during bye week to fill up. This isn't a real good scenario for the Buffalo's.

Vegas has Washington as an early 17 1/2 favorite. The key for the Huskies is not to overlook Colorado in anticipation of Stanford the following week. I am sure the coaches will be ratcheting up the intensity this week to help prevent that from happening.


I was expecting some recruiting news to surface last night and absolutely nothing new happened for UW over the weekend that I am aware of. Maybe that will change to day once the recruiting folks finish making all their phone calls to PSA's.

Sark apparently concentrated on the state of Washington this past weekend. He showed the love to local recruits such as Joshua Garnett, Zach Banner, and Cedric Dozier by attending their football games.

Nick Holt was reportedly down in Portland for part of the weekend. The Huskies have a couple of big defensive targets (Bafaro and Balduci) they are going head to head with in the Portland area.

I expect to hear a little more tonight concerning the status of recruits up and down the west coast.

Pac 12 Power Poll

1. Stanford rolled past Colorado just as expected. It wasn't much of a game. This week they travel to the Palouse to attempt to bury the Cougars in a similar fashion. The Cards are undefeated but they haven't played a single game against a ranked opponent. A schedule of early season cupcakes could catch up with them by the time they face UW, USC, Oregon, Cal, and Notre Dame during the second half of the season.

2. Oregon...Big explosion in the third quarter powers the Ducks past Cal in impressive fashion. Arizona State visits Eugene this weekend in what could be a preview of the conference championship game. In my mind I have moved the Webfoot's into a virtual tie with Stanford at the top of the Pac 12. The Ducks Achilles heal is their defense and it may cause them to lose another game or two along the way this season.

3. Washington...The 4-1 Huskies should be reasonably fresh after a week off when they face a hapless Colorado squad in Husky Stadium. UW should be 5-1 when they head down to the farm to play Stanford in a game that will tell us a lot about both teams.

4. Arizona State...The Devils pretty much clinched the South division title with a road win over Utah. Next up is a road game in Eugene against the Ducks. ASU hasn't impressed me very much despite the 5-1 record. This week we get to see how close they are to being an elite team.

5. Southern California...The Trojans took a week off to practice defense after giving up 41 against Arizona in a victory last week. This week they head to the Bay Area to play Cal in a game that should help define their season.

6. California...The Bears were solid in the first half against Oregon and fell apart in the third quarter. Up next is USC in a game that should give Tedford a pretty good indication of where his team is headed. Maynard has proven to be an improvement at QB. That being said it hasn't been enough of an improvement for Cal to take it to the next level.

7. Utah...This edition of the Utes aren't physically up to the task of a Pac 12 season. They stuck with UW and ASU for a half before fading quickly in the second half under an avalanche of turnovers. The one thing they do have going for them is a solid coaching staff . The future should be bright but it may take 3-4 classes before the Utes can challenge for a title. Up next is Pitt on the road.

8. UCLA...Big comeback win for the Bruins and Rick Neuheisel. The Bruin are bad...I  mean really bad...but they are now 3-3 which means Rick has plenty of wiggle room. I see three to four possible wins for the Bruins over the second half of the season which if accomplished would save his job. Up next is a week off to get better and get ready for the stretch run.

9. Washington State...Tough loss for the Cougars on the road which could end up as being the one that seals the deal on the future on Paul Wulff. WSU is 3-2 which at face value is respectable but they are going to be hard pressed to find three more wins. WSU had no business losing this game. You can blame it on an interception...or better yet blame it on a coach who wasn't smart enough to tae advantage of what was there at the end of the game. Up next is Stanford at home.

10. Oregon State...Nice win for a team that opened the season with a loss to Sacramento State. Up next is a struggling BYU Cougar team that is visiting Corvallis. Sean Mannion is an impressive looking QB and the offense is starting to jell.

11. Arizona...The Cats aren't playing much defense and the one dimensional passing attack isn't scoring enough points to overcome it. This is probably it for Mike Stoops.  Losing to Oregon State is pretty much of a disgrace this season. Up next after a bye is a winnable game against UCLA.

12. Colorado...As the second half of the season begins the Buffalo's are already falling apart. WR Paul Richardson who is the best athlete on the team is out indefinitely with an injury. The only way this team gets better is to recruit their way out of it. Embree is capable but it is going to take some time. Up next is Washington and another potentially ugly loss.