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Puppy Chow

The Pac 12 championship game was awarded to Fox. Big mistake despite the money being laid out. Fox is the loser of the sports entertainment world. Everything they do is a piece of crap...Larry Scott this is a big failure IMHO...take one of the big three at a discount...why go with a network that lives on MASH reruns? FOX sucks and my one big hope was that we would could have broke those shackles and went big time with this game....ABC, ESPN, NBC, CBS....Fox? What a complete disappointment. The money is there but no national credibility.

Ryan Nowicki is headed to Penn State...Love Joe Pa but the guy is so senile his wife is completing interviews for him. Joe Pa is like 85... hang up the spikes and go on vacation with your family with the precious time you have left. Sure he is a legend but he isn't acting in the best interests of his school and family IMHO. As for Ryan...what are you thinking...the coach you are going to be playing for can't even remember your name. Penn State won't win a Big Ten championship until Joe Pa retires.

The Pac 10 and SEC have not met in a bowl game since 1989 when Washington stuffed Florida...what does it take to get some sort of annual relationship with the SEC? I guess if you can beat up on the Big 10 each off season there isn't much motivation for the SEC.

ASJ and KW are getting plenty of kudo's during work outs before the Army All American Bowl. A sampling of the roster so far indicates that both are monster prospects....among the top five recruits in the country ....and they will both have serious impacts in 2011.

Andrew Luck is staying at move?. Put in four years...get a Stanford degree. Chris Polk will likely do the same at UW. You get a nice financial head start with pro football...but chances are you won't get that second contract that seals the deal to make you a made man

Take the degree...enjoy a realistic future in case pro sports burn out for you...I mean you could end up with a three book publishing deal (trilogy) from a publisher in Pullman if it doesn't work out. Luck had a good chance to be the overall number on this year...staying at Stanford is just questionable when you could go that high.

You could wake up with news that Harbaugh is the new coach of the 49ers...makes sense since they are willing to pay minimum 6 mill per year...and he doesn't need to sell his house. He is a Bay Area kid...this will be tough job for him to turn down...take the money Jim while it is hot...but late word is he isn't going to leave the Farm. With Luck back in the fold maybe he thinks he can make a national championship run. Stay tuned on this one...

The recently departed Anthony Boyles only saw the field on one play this season. I really like Boyles...too bad it didn't work out...and a little ridiculous that he only had one play this year..he was a lot better than that.

DE Greg Townsend is headed to USC.

So are going to cheer on the Ducks? Count me in on the Duck bandwagon for this game. I hate the SEC and as I noted above they have been avoiding this conference since 1989 because they are afraid of us. They want nothing to do with the West coast because they know they will lose. Go Duckies!

So where will Jake get drafted? If he gets past the tenth pick I will be surprised...even though it  may cost him some  cash the lower the better...he needs some seasoning. He could really use a year on the sidelines to get better.

(Note to the readers: This was an outline that wasn't intended for publishing until it was edited, cleaned up, and perhaps worked on more than five minutes...oh happens.)