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Recruiting Ticker

We are heading to Miami airport today in an attempt to beat a blizzard home to Chicago. Here are a few tidbits...Jacoby Brissett has dropped UW from consideration. I think it was fun while it lasted but I really like Derrick Brown. In fact I think Brown is a huge get and a better fit at UW.

Kenderick Van Ackeren from Bellevue is most likely headed to Hawaii. He had a choice of a gray shirt offer from UW or the full boat from UH. I think he made the right choice. Insiders think that Paulay Asiata and Stephen Nembot will end up at UW despite a late push from Colorado.

Big rumor going around today that "Black Mamba" DeAnthony Thomas is headed to Oregon. The kid is highly rated but I think the name given to him by Snoop Dog in junior football is responsible for most of the hype around this kid. I think this one gos down to the wire between SC and the Ducks.

Will be back online tonight weather willing!

Morning Update

Paulay Asiata has indeed become uncommitted to Washington. The good news is he is not committed elsewhere at this point. He will choose between UW and Colorado on signing day. The experts are still saying that UW will prevail.

Stephan Nembot says he is still committed to Washington even though he is undecided. So I guess you can say UW leads but he is still strongly considering Colorado after making a visit there this past weekend.

There is a lot of turbulence going on out there as we approach the last day of recruiting. Experts aren't saying much specific but they think that there will be a lot of surprises between now and the time faxes start rolling in on signing day. Keep an eye on USC...the sky might be starting to fall down there and that may benefit Washington.

DeAnthony Thomas is headed to Oregon where the Ducks will use him initially as a running back. Washington also liked him as a potential running back. Thomas is going to be somebody's signing day surprise.

Washington still in it for Brissett?

Love the rumors that float around this time of year. The latest report says it is between UW, Wisconsin, and Miami. I still think he ends up a Cane.


Afternoon Update

Lineman Brandon Tuliaupupu of Claremont HS (Claremont, Calif.) committed to UCLA after decommitting from Washington State. Another tough break for the Cougs but what exactly is UCLA doing? This guy is rated pretty low in the rankings. It is one thing to poach highly rated players but UCLA which resides in the middle of one of the nations hottest recruiting area's is struggling.

Black Mamba to UW?

DeAnthony Thomas rumors have been flying around all day and this time it is all about him coming to Washington in a package deal with a couple of other USC recruits rather than Oregon. Thomas never visited officially but he did visit UW unofficially with his mother last summer. Do I think this is a long shot...yes...did I think Sean Parker was a long you never really know with Sark.

DE Akeem Gonzalez was offered again by UW according to ESPN. The huskies may be able to steal him with a late push from Oregon State. Makes sense since Aubrey Coleman won't qualify.

LB Leilon Willingham is still a possibility but Michigan may be the favorite.

Rahmel Dockery is headed to Boise State.

Stay tuned I will be updating things as the day progresses.