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Back in the USA

We are back in the USA after a week hanging out in Central America. From what I can see there isn't a lot of solid recruiting news this morning. There are the usual rumors to disseminate since a number of schools are trying to sway UW recruits away as we get closer to signing day.

Nothing to really panic about at this time but I think things will get very interesting this week. Colorado and Cal seem to be major players in the possible chaos. They are going after UW verbals hard. On the other hand UW is still in play for other recruits from other schools at the same time.

This is a year out West when there simply isn't a surplus of Pac 10 quality athletes. So expect a lot of surprises and movement...not to mention hard feelings this coming week. Most enjoyed it last weekend when we poached a couple of recruits from WSU...the shoe could be on the other foot this coming week.