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Puppy Chow

Recruiting is heating up and by Friday we should have lots of new news to chew on. Lots of things going on behind the scenes as Washington focuses on getting verbals from its last 6-8 verbals

Here are a couple of surprises. Scratch DE Juda Parker and DE Akeem Gonzalez who are not going to be visiting Washington. Not quite sure if they snubbed UW or vice versa until last night....hearing vice versa is more likely. Washington coaches are done recruiting defensive linemen according to Greg Biggins. The Husky coaches may have pulled the offers. Looks like the last slot on the line is going to Uriah Grant who will make up his mind after visiting Mississippi this weekend.

CB Kameron Jackson has an in home visit with Cal this week. He will decide between UW, Cal, and Colorado. Dawgman says UW is still the favorite but Greg Biggins thinks he is headed to Cal. We should have a better idea of where this is heading by the end of the weekend.

QB Joseph Gray is looking at San Jose State according to Greg Biggins of ESPN. Washington hasn't dropped him and he hasn't dropped Washington.

Jacoby Brissett

OK...some good news finally...QB Jacoby Brissett is visiting Washington. Looks like Miami, Florida, Washington, and South Carolina are the finalists. I think it is still a long shot but we are definitely in the game.

Interesting twist to this story according to our friends at Dawgman. Coach Nuss watched Jacoby's basketball game on Tuesday with his mom and Charlie Weis who is the new OC at Florida.

Brissett has shot up in the QB rankings over the past few weeks. He looked like the best QB in the Army All Star game and he is now rated as the 9th best QB prospect in the country according to Scout. He is is 6'5 225 so he definitely would give UW some diversity at the position.

As of now Brissett is going to visit Washington and South Carolina after LOI day. That could change pretty quickly because he is also rumored to be open to a mid week visit. He plays basketball so his schedule is pretty tight. Our contacts down in Florida are saying that we have an excellent chance to sign him.

LOI Day on campus

Want to experience signing day on the UW campus? Click here to get the schedule. I have done it a few time....great way to spend a day.

Some different looks at renovated Husky Stadium

Do you want to see some great renderings of what the new Husky Stadium is going to look like? Click here to see some updated renderings of what the stadium will look like.

Evolution of the Weasel

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times provides a link to "A History of Husky Logo's". So which is your favorite? One look at my avatar shows mine. I go with 59, 71, 32, 36, and of course 19 (Sunny Boy).

Interesting comment on the Weasel logo from a student in 2001 when it was unveiled.

"I can't trust it. The old one had so much pride. It was a loyal dog. The new one looks like it's going to steal my hamburger from the barbecue."