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Future Schedules

The University of Washington released a set of future non-conference schedules that stretch to 2018. Added to the lineup was a home and home series with Boise State and deleted a home and home with Colorado. The Buffaloes are joining the Pac 12 next season so Washington has to find other future non conference opponents to replace them.

So what do you think of the future schedules?

Are you up for visiting Lincoln, Baton Rouge, Honolulu, Boise, Champaign, and Madison?


Eastern Washington...Not exactly a pushover since EWU is coming off a FCS National Championship. The Huskies are breaking in a new QB. This could also be the return of Demetrius Bronson.

Hawaii...The Warriors play notoriously bad on the mainland. Definitely should be a step up from Eastern and a potentially entertaining game.

at Nebraska...I can drive to this game so it is a plus. The rubber game of a 12 month three game series. We were dreading this rematch four months it seems more doable even though Jake has departed.


Portland State...Nigel Burton returns to Husky Stadium as a head coach.

Nevada...Ault's Wolfpack finished in the top 15 this season and beat BSU. As California can tell you this is no easy foe. Last time these two programs played Nevada beat the Huskies at home.

at LSU...Circle it on the calendar...this is a can't miss trip. Come early and enjoy New Orleans. Drive up to the game and stay over night in Baton Rouge. Drive back to New Orleans and enjoy some more. Many LSU fans stayed in Seattle for a week to tour the city and Northwest...return the favor!


Boise State...Tough stadium opener against what has become a perennially national ranked program. So this was the big announcement we were waiting for? I don't mind playing the Bronco's but a return game included in the package?

at Illinois...One of the great stadiums in college football...once again I can drive to the is only 133 miles from Chicago. This is where the Galloping Ghost played football!

(TBD)...Chances are it will be a FCS opponent at home.


at Hawaii...I won't miss this one and you shouldn't either. Ask was a good time even though the Huskies blew a big lead and lost last time we were there. At least we had the Sun and beaches.

Eastern Washington...The Eagles could be our new Idaho popping in and out of the schedule each decade.

Illinois...Always nice to have a Big Ten opponent in Husky Stadium. Even nicer to have one that we can probably beat in most years.

(TBD)...Washington has the option to schedule a 13th game because they travel to Hawaii.


Sacramento State...Huge yawn at this point that serves a purpose. The coaches will be able to empty the benches and give a lot of players some early experience.

Hawaii...Read above...the Warriors play poorly on the mainland.

at Boise State...I knew this would happen some day and it is going to be a tough ticket for any Husky fan. The stadium currently seats around 35,000. Hit the road around 6 AM on Friday and you will be checked into your hotel by dinner time. Check out a Basque restaurant while you are in town. Will Boise have an expanded stadium to play in by the time this one comes around?






At Wisconsin...You need to see a game at a stadium that is even older than Husky Stadium. Camp Randall is a great venue and Madison is great college town on a par with Ann Arbor. Fly into Chicago and pre-party. Head up to Madison on either Friday or Saturday depending on the start time. Don't forget to eat some Brats!




Wisconsin...A quality Big Ten opponent in Husky Stadium. The Badgers are always tough and physical.