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Welcome to Husky Football 2010

The long wait is about over and I can tell from the recent posts that most of you guys are ready to jump out of your skin right about now (EDITOR"S NOTE:  Yes John, truer words were never spoken!)

We will be posting our game thread in a few hours and you guys can use it as a chat room before, during, and after the game.

As for today's game, I am predicting a Washington victory. I believe the experience in the Washington backfield will be enough to tip the game in the Huskies favor. Lee Corso and Kirk Herbstreit are also predicting a UW win on ESPN College Game Day for the same reasons. The WSU flag--as usual--is in the background...nice tradition...who is in charge of that?

As for the Cougars, they will play Oklahoma State this evening and will also be on TV at around the same time as the Huskies. I don't believe the Coug's have a chance of winning the a game, but what I really want to see is if they can keep it interesting.

UCLA at Kansas State is one of the feature games today on ESPN. As I wrote earlier this week, QB Kevin Prince is still hurting and his participation in the game will be a game time decision, not good news for Bruin Nation.

Oregon State and TCU, the ESPN prime time game this evening, ought to be a good one. The experts are picking TCU, but I believe Oregon State is going to surprise a lot of people tonight.

See you at game time!

All times Central

11:00 Miami (OH) at Florida
UF -35
11:00 Western Michigan at Michigan St. MSU -23
11:00 Samford at Florida State --
11:00 Youngstown St. at Penn St.
11:00 Eastern Illinois at Iowa
11:30 Illinois vs Missouri (St. Louis)
MO -12
2:30 Purdue at Notre Dame
ND -11
2:30 Kentucky at Louisville1 UK -3
2:30 UCLA at Kansas State1
KSU -1.5
2:30 Connecticut at Michigan1
2:30 Texas vs Rice (Reliant)
TX -31
2:30 North Texas at Clemson
CLEM -27
6:00 Washington St. at Oklahoma St. OSU -17
6:00 Memphis at Mississippi St.
MSU -21
TCU vs Oregon St. (Jerryworld)
TCU -13.5
7:00 LSU vs North Carolina (Atlanta)
LSU -9.5
9:00 Cincinnati at Fresno St.
FSU -2.5
10:00 Wisconsin at UNLV
UW -20

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