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The Monday Morning Wash

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Not much you can really say after Saturday's debacle at Montlake. This was by far the worst performance of the Sark era and it reminded us all too well of the thrashings that took place during the reigns of Gilby and Ty.

We could dwell on all the things that went wrong on Saturday but the most important aspect to examine is why this team wasn't mentally prepared to play this football game. Jake Locker is a serious concern, as it appears he is regressing. The coaches need to find a way to showcase his talents better during the bye week. The offense doesn't seem to be a good fit for his skill set. The coaches get two weeks to work it out before they head to LA to play USC, a very winnable game.

Though Washington is still a marginal bowl team, this is a down year for the Pac 10 with the exception of Oregon, Stanford, and Arizona. Simply, the Huskies should still win more games than they lose.

I am going fishing this week in Canada in search of some elusive Walleyes...will check back on Thursday with the pics.

Pac 10 Power Ratings

1. Oregon...By far the best team in the Pac 10 in what looks to be a down year for the conference.

2. Arizona...Quality win over Iowa at home has the Cats headed in the right direction.

3. Stanford...68-24 win over Wake Forest cements the Cards as a title contender.

4. Oregon State...Beavers struggled more than expected at home against Louisville.

5. USC...Three straight wins mask the fact that the Trojans are struggling.

6. Arizona State...Quality game against the Badgers but the Devils fall a point short.

7. Washington...The worst game of the Sark era makes fans question the teams leadership.

8. California...What's worse, getting blown out by Nevada or getting blown out by Nebraska?

9. UCLA...This was a game that UCLA had to win and they did. Hats off to Neu.

10. Washington State...Cougs showed improvement this week but still lost by two TD's to a team they beat last season.