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Picking the Pac - Week Three

Iowa at Arizona

This is a great match up:  a potent Arizona offense going up against a tough Iowa defense. Don't overlook the Arizona defense, which hasn't given up a TD this season.

Vegas: Iowa by 1.5   John: Arizona 24 Iowa 21

Arizona State at Wisconsin

The Devils have a good defense and a questionable offense. Can the defense slow down Wisconsin's 250 pound RB John Clay?

Vegas: Wisconsin by 14  John: Wisconsin 27 ASU 14

Cal at Nevada

The Bears have been unstoppable against consecutive weak opponents. Nevada may be in the WAC, but they are a big step up in competition. This won't be an easy game for Cal. If you like watching the running game tune in for this one because these are two of the better running teams in the country. This game is being played in Reno and has upset written all over it.

Vegas: Cal by 3  John: Nevada 31 California 28

Wake Forest at Stanford

The Cards are a big favorite, but keep in mind Wake beat them last season.  This one is being played in Palo Alto, so I don't think you are going to see a repeat of that second half letdown from 2009.

Vegas: Stanford by 17  John: Stanford 33 Wake Forest 17

Houston at UCLA

The Bruins looked terrible last week and I don't see anything on the horizon that is going to change. Houston QB Case Keenum is out with a concussion, but UCLA will not be able to stop the Cougar running game or score enough points to stay in this one.

Vegas: Houston by 3   John: Houston 27 UCLA 14

USC at Minnesota

The Trojans haven't looked very good in victories over Hawaii and Virginia. Minnesota is terrible and is coming off of loss to FCS South Dakota. If the Trojans struggle to win this week it means they are going to be in trouble when conference play opens. Too much youth on defense for the Gophers to contend on Saturday.

Vegas: USC by 12   John: USC 42 Minnesota 14

Washington State at SMU

The Cougars beat the Ponies at home last season so you would figure with much of the returning cast back for both teams, the boys in Vegas would call this a little closer, though the Cougs haven't impressed yet this season.  SMU has a potent passing attack so this one could get ugly early.

Vegas: SMU by 23.5   John: SMU 45 WSU 17

Louisville at Oregon State

The Cardinals are in rebuilding mode so the Beavers shouldn't have much of a problem with them at home. Look for the Rodgers brothers to put up some big numbers.

Vegas: OSU by 19.5 John: OSU 48 Louisville 17

Portland State at Oregon

I feel sorry for Nigel Burton because there is no way the Vikings can compete with these guys.  This is a real tough way to pick up a paycheck.

Vegas: No Line John: Oregon 70 PSU 3