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Grading the Game

Quarterback: Jake Locker didn't have much running room, so he stayed in the pocket most of the night . He was 22 for 33 with four TD passed in the type of performance you expect from a Heisman Trophy contender. He had no interceptions but made two ill-advised throws that could have been picked.  Locker managed the offense well and looked in command at all times. Jake plays much better at home. Grade A-minus

Running Backs: Chris Polk and Jessie Callier combined for nearly 150 yards, but the Huskies are still challenged when everyone knows they need to run the ball. A hybrid end-around play picked up a lot yards last night, but won't work against Nebraska. Austin Sylvester continued to block well and had a nice catch. Grade B-plus

Receivers: Jermaine Kearse and Devin Aguilar dominated the Syracuse secondary. Jermaine finished with 179 yards, nine receptions, and three TD's. Aguilar had a nice night catching the ball but perhaps what was more important was his downfield blocking. Grade A

Offensive Line: The Huskies won the game while piling up yards and points. They didn't give up a sack but run blocking on third and short is still a big question mark for these guys.  Not a bad game when you consider how tough Syracuse is against the run. Eric Kohler saw significant time at LG and had two false start penalties, but other than that he looked pretty solid. It won't be long until he is starting. Grade B

Defensive Line:  Washington brought a lot of successful pressure in the second half that helped break open a tight game. Another big key to the win was the way these guys controlled the Syracuse running game. UW rotated eight players, proof of the increasing depth on this part of the squad. Speed off the edge needs to improve against Nebraska. Grade B Plus

Linebackers: Mason Foster had a good game and Vic Aiyewa continues to improve. Cort Dennison played with a lot of heart, but a missed tackle resulting in a 28 yard touchdown run by Syracuse QB Ryan Nassib. Let's just say there is quite a fall off right now when comparing Foster to Dennison and Aiyewa. Grade B

Secondary: This unit isn't playing at the level it was at the end of last season. Syracuse hurt themselves with a lot of dropped passes. Greg Ducre made a pick late in the game. Trufant played much better this week. I like the way these guys hit but they need to keep improving in coverage. Grade C-plus

Special Teams: The mistakes started early and put UW in a whole most of the fist quarter. Erik Folk kicked two FG's and recovered a fumble. Folk needs to get the ball ten yards deeper on kickoffs. Kiel Rasp did well in his debut but he needs to get the ball off quicker and stop kicking line drives. Tackling is still a problem for the young guys.Kevin smith could be the answer when it comes to returning kicks. Grade C

Coaching: The team didn't panic when it fell behind 10-0 early in the game. The play calling seemed better but that is always the case when you win by three touchdowns. The fly sweep and toss sweep were working last night but that type of stuff won't surprise against Nebraska.

Coach Holt's defense stuffed the Syracuse running game and put enough pressure on the QB in the second half to force enough mistakes to win the game.

Special teams are still a problem needing resolution before Nebraska comes to town. Grade B-plus

Fox Sports: Who in the world wanted to watch the Mariners last night? Not even the Mariners want to watch the Mariners. Grade F