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The Pick - Home Sweet Home

Washington didn't look very good in a 23-17 loss to BYU in Provo. The Huskies reminded me of how they played late last season against UCLA. Flash back to that game and UW is marching to win in the fourth quarter until Jake Locker is picked off to seal a Bruin victory. The moral of that story is that the Huskies returned home to thrash WSU and Cal to finish the season.

Washington was a completely different team at home last season and they will need to be if they hope to beat an improving Syracuse Orange squad. SU isn't a push over anymore and they have a defense that can cause the Huskies some problems if they don't pass the ball well enough to open things up.

The Syracuse offense and special teams put the ball on the carpet way too many times last week against Akron. It didn't hurt them against the Zips but that type of sloppiness will be fatal in Husky Stadium. Look for Washington to take advantage of those type of mistakes and even its record at 1-1 going into the Nebraska game.

Washington 35 Syracuse 21- Vegas 13.5