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Pac 10 Power Ratings - Pre Camp

This is our first power rating of the year and it gives you a good idea of where I see the chips landing this season in the Pac 10. I will post the next one before the season openers. Performance in camp and health coming out of camp will give us a better idea of where these programs are headed this season.

1. Oregon...The Ducks shouldn't miss a beat if they stay healthy and get adequate play at QB. Keep an eye on the Oregon defense.

2. Southern Cal...Talented as usual but will probation and a 71 player roster wear down the Trojans? Keep an eye on how this team holds together after a loss.

3. Oregon State...The Beavers have all the parts on offense except for an experienced QB. Will the Beavers get off to a fast start for a change?

4. Washington....Can the Huskies contend for a title with Jake? We know the offense is explosive but can the defense improve enough for the Huskies to have a shot at the title?

5. Stanford...It is all on Andrew Luck's shoulders this season. Keep an eye on the Cardinal running game. If they can replace the production of Gerhart they could be a title contender.

6. Arizona...Nobody lost more to graduation than UW. Can the defense stop anyone?

7.California...Riley needs to have a breakout year at QB. Big losses against Oregon, USC, Washington, and Utah have lowered expectations for the Bears going into 2010.

8. UCLA...The Bruins could be underrated because there is little real difference between 4 and 8. Can the Bruins establish a running game? Can they fill the holes on defense?

9. Arizona State...The defense plays dirty and the offense stinks. Can Erickson find a productive and consistent starting QB? Can the Devils overcome problems and lack of depth on the offensive line?

10. Washington State...They have to better....right?