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Sark Press Conference Highlights

We look like a great football team...We are a better team at this point than last year.

Fans will see a better conditioned football team.

We expect to do well...we expect to win.

Last years goal was to be competitive and show we can battle. This years goal is to play well in hostile environments, in the fourth quarter, and play for a championship.

DE Brett Williams is going to gray shirt and join the team winter quarter. Sark says that he isn't physically ready to do what they need him to do. What that means is he has to get bigger and stronger. S John Timu will also enroll in January.

S Justin Glenn will be limited a bit because of his ankle. Aldrich, Glenn, and Thompson are ready to go but they will be monitoring them closely. The coaches want to bring those guys along slowly.

Sark thinks Jake will complete 65-68 % of his passes this fall. Expects his TD to interception ratio to be 3-1.

Excited to see Greg Ducre...describes him a lock down corner and says he is where Desmond Trufant was going into camp last year.

Feels really good about the offensive line. Feels they have nine veterans they can roll with in addition to the seven freshmen.

TE Chris Izbicki had the best offseason of anyone on the team.

Walk on Evan Hudson will start off at at TE and is also a long snapper

Sark describes Alameda Taamu as a new man. He is really excited to see him on the field this fall. Sark thinks the defensive line will be fine.

Josh Shirley is up to 225. He will be used as a pass rusher. His main gun is speed.

People are proud to be Huskies and that is a good feeling.

All the freshman will be given the opportunity to compete to play this year.