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Kibbles and Bits

Two deeps haven't been released yet for the BYU game but Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times who has been at almost every practice takes an educated guess at what we will see.

In terms of the starters, there's been hardly any movement at all, barring injury, with the one spot that's still hardest to determine there being the offensive line --- Christine has been pushing for a starting position, and as OL coach Dan Cozzetto shows a year ago when he shook it all up the week of the first game, he's not afraid to wait until pretty late to settle on his group.

Seattle Times

It looks like the preemptive strike by the MWC against the WAC hasn't deterred BYU's desire to go independent in football. The Cougars have until Sept 1st to announce whether they will stay or become an independent in football. One thing for sure is that there is a lot of discussion going on behind closed doors right now.

I’ve been told that BYU has reached out to the West Coast Conference about the possibility of placing its 18 teams that don’t play football into the WCC. In the interest of full disclosure, let’s be clear: I’m not sure whether the Cougars will talk to WCC officials or meet in person with WCC officials. But according to a source, communication in some form will take place this week.

Jon Wilner

The Big 12 is playing hardball with Colorado so the Buffaloes will not be joining the Pac 12 till 2012. Keeping a lame duck program around another year isn't a great idea but since when does the Big 12 have great ideas? I still think that Colorado moves to the Pac 12 in 2011 and this is all about posturing to get a better deal going out the door.

"We're waiting for further direction from the Big 12 on how many games will be incorporated into the conference schedule for 2011," Bohn said. It remains a possibility that a deal could be reached allowing CU to leave the Big 12 in 2011, but a large gap must be closed in the disagreement amount how much the Buffs will have to pay to do so.

Daily Camera

Syracuse is getting pounded into submission by the injury bug during fall camp.

"It's unbelievable. It's like every day," said Marrone, who also doesn't have a full complement of scholarship players. "I've lived my life well. I've done a lot of good deeds. I'm hoping somewhere along the line it starts to pay off. I don't think we deserve some of the things that are happening right now. We need everyone. We really can't afford to have any injuries."