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What we know and what we don't know about the 2010 Washington Huskies.

I was pretty excited about this squad going into camp and heading into the second full scale scrimmage of the year I think this team can be pretty good if they stay healthy. So lets take a look at the questions that have been answered so far and what is still to be decided before the kickoff in Provo.

Quarterback - Jake Locker is living up to the hype in practice. He is throwing the ball better and the game has finally slowed down enough for him that he is able to read the full field with a glance. Keith Price has pulled ahead in the battle for the back up position over Nick Montana. Both of the young QB's have played well but Price is benefiting right now from a year of experience.

What we know: Jake has the potential to be the best QB in the country this season.

What we don't know: The back up job hasn't been settled even though Price has started to gain traction.

Running back - Nobody is going to dislodge Chris Polk from the starting position even though his contact has been limited this fall to keep him healthy. Polk looks just as good as he did last year but one of the nations best at getting yards after contact is even stronger physically this season. Jessie Callier and Johri Fogerson are solid as the back ups. Fogerson is more of a jack of all trades back who does a little of everything well while Callier has the potential to be the burner.

Demetrius Bronson continues to be fourth in the pecking order but has shown continual improvement since spring. Deontae Cooper went down with a season ending knee injury in the first scrimmage of the year. Zach Fogerson has been getting a lot of work as a power back and could see the field this season if needed.

What we know: Chris Polk is an elite running back.

What we don't know: If Polk goes down can the reserves maintain the same level of play?

Fullback - Austin Sylvester has held on to the starting job because he is the best blocking back the Huskies have. Dorson Boyce is the backup at FB and TE but will also be used as an H-Back. Zack Fogerson is in the mix but has been seeing time at TB since Deontae Cooper was injured. We haven't heard much about Kimo Makaula.

What we know: Sylvester is by far the best blocker at the position.

What we don't know: Will the position be all about blocking or will the staff be able to find some play making ability here they can use as a change up?

Wide Receiver - Jermaine Kearse and Devin Aguilar have been in a league of their own all camp. James Johnson is also in that league also but has been slowed by a sprained ankle which has put him on a day to day basis. Deandre Goodwin, Cody Bruns, and Jordan Polk have had strong camps. Walk on William Chandler continues to impress after a strong spring. Kevin Smith has the makings of a potential star and looks ready for immediate playing time. Diandre Campbell looks solid but with this much depth he will likely red shirt this season.

What we know: This is one of the deepest and most elite recieving corps in the country.

What we don't know: Who will emerge behind the big three to get significant playing time this season?

Tight End - Chris Izbicki is a solid pick as the starter. Dorson Boyce will be used a lot in situations that require two TE's. Michael Hartvigson is having an impressive camp. We haven't heard a lot about Marlion Bennett.

What we know: The lack of depth makes this position a challenge and there isn't a proven play maker in camp.

What we don't know: Who will end up being the number two TE?

Offensive Line - Washington is three deep at these positions for the first time in many years. Kelemete, Tolar, Shaeffer, Ikehara, and Habben have been the starters all the way through camp. Walk on Greg Christine has regained his form and has become the number one guy off the bench inside. Kohler and Porter are the only two frosh that will play this year but that hasn't been etched into stone yet. Skyler Fancher who was expected to challenge for a starting job is still not 100%.

What we know: This is an experienced veteran line that has the ability to get the job done.Every guy on this line has undergone a complete physical transformation during the last 20 months.

What we don't know: Will this line able to come up with the push needed to be succesful in obvious running situations like at Notre Dame last fall?

Defensive Tackle - Alameda Ta'amu has been dominating. Cameron Elisara is versatile enough to play inside or out. Semisi Tokolahi is developing well as a back up to both Ta'amu and Elisara. Sione Potoae passes the looks test but is still learning the defense and getting used to the speed of the game. Same can be said for Lawrence Lagafuiana.

What we know: Everyone in the country will know who Alameda Ta'amu is by the end of the season. The depth while continuing to develop is solid.

What we don't know: Will Elisara play more inside or outside?

Defensive End - Talia Chrichton has been a fixture all camp at one end. Kelani Aldrich will get plenty of snaps this season. Everette Thompson continues to make progress each day. Saturday's scrimmage will be an excellent indicator of how close he is. Deshon Matthews is making the most of his opportunity to play during his last season. Haouli Jamora is a stud that will play right away. Josh Shirley while undersized coming in has shown he can make plays. Andrew Hudson is a great looking prospect who isn't that far behind the other two frosh.

What we know: Talia Chrichton will start on one side. The glaring lack of depth this spring seems to have been handled this fall.

What we don't know: Will this group be able to put consistent pressure on the opposing QB? That one won't be answered till during the season starts. Who will start opposite Chrichton? Will Everette Thompson be healthy enough to make in impact this season?

Linebacker - Cort Dennison and Mason Foster were solid locks as starters coming into camp. The big question mark was at SLB but Victor Aiyewa has done a good job and the starting position is his to lose. Experienced depth behind the starters remains a question mark.

Walk on Brandon Huppert has emerged as the backup in the middle with Tucker and Burnett behind him at this point. Jordan Wallace is a solid back up capable of starting on the outside if injuries emerge. Matt Houston is the back up at SLB but Cooper Pelleur has put himself into a position to play early.

What we know: Foster, Dennison and Aiyewa will be start against BYU.

What we don't know: Will enough quality snaps emerge from the depth to keep the starters fresh late in the game or replace them in case of injury?

Cornerback - Quinton Richardson lost his starting job to Adam Long last season. Injuries and focus seemed to be the main problems. Richardson came on this spring and has reclaimed the starting spot while having an impressive camp. Desmond Trufant who has NFL written all over him commands the other side.

The good news with this group is there are 7-8 guys who play CB on this roster who are capable of starting. The Huskies are deep but perhaps the biggest surprise of camp has been the play of Greg Ducre who has wowed the fans and coaches with his instincts and quickness.

What we know: Plenty of solid depth and starting experience. Desmond Trufant is about to emerge as one of the nations elite CB's.

What we don't know: Not a lot of questions other than if Richardson can stay healthy all season.

Safety - Another deep and talented position at Washington. Nate Williams is on a mission and if he can stay healthy he has the potential to have a great season. Will Shamburger has maintained the momentum he built this spring and is currently the other starter.

Nate Fellner may not be a starter but he plays like one. He will be backing up Nate this year. Sean Parker gets continual work with the ones and two's which means the staff has big plans for him this season. Justin Glenn who was impressive as a starter is still working his way back from injury. Greg Walker who he replaced last year has been making plays in camp. Taz Stevenson most likely will red shirt but he has the potential to be a very good player. If they need him he will be ready.

What we know: Like CB this group has as much talent, depth, and experience as anyone in the conference.

What we don't know: Nate plays so hard he just wears out as the season goes on. Will he be able stay strong for 13 games? Will Justin Glenn be at 100% by the time conference play starts?

Special Teams - Erik Folk and Will Mahan who are coming off solid seasons have moved it up a notch or two this fall. Both have noticeably stronger legs and have been pretty darn accurate the fall. The return game suffered a blow when Deontae Cooper was injured but UW has plenty of athletes who can run. Devin Aguilar has owned the punt return job all camp.

What we know: The kickers are solid and will have great seasons.

What we don't know: Who is going to be returning kickoffs with Chris Polk?