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Jake's Workout at Men's Health

This is a pretty interesting story because not only does it feature Jake it has plenty of comments from Husky Strength Coach Ivan Lewis. It gives you some pretty good insight into Ivan's philosophy and how he trains the team.

Not even Sonny Sixkiller got this type of ink!

"When I was in high school, I was 6'1" and weighed 160 pounds soaking wet. I had no muscle. Just skin and bones," says Locker, who's now 6'3" and 226. He was so afraid of being laughed out of a gym that he worked out at home--and stuck to the same few exercises. "I struggled to gain weight for the longest time. But once I learned what I should be doing, it became easier to increase my strength and build muscle."

"Before lifting a weight, Locker spends 45 minutes on warmup and stretching, and speed, agility, and core training. He won't begin a workout until he's sweating and out of breath. That way his workouts really count."

Men's Health