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ASJ Follow-Up

I don't think I can remember this much excitement this early in the season about the recruitment of a potential Husky player. Usually this type of excitement is reserved for early February. Last night the chat room at Dawgman was filled with over 100 fans awaiting ASJ's announcement.

Kim Grinolds and Scott Eklund went prime time on KJR with the Dawgman Show last night. Click here for a podcast of the interview they had with ASJ last night after he announced he was going to Washington.

With all the excitement about ASJ most of us forgot that his future team was out on the field last night taking part in a very intense practice. Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times has all the details.

It was intense enough that there was a brief scuffle between Dorson Boyce and Sean Parker, that caused UW coach Steve Sarkisian to repeat a scene we saw a couple times last year as he then called the entire team together for a minute or so. We didn't get a chance to talk to Sarkisian afterward, but he has said in the past that his message in those situations is not to let emotions get out of hand and remember that it's all one team. The defense was assessed a penalty on the play.

Scott Eklund at Dawgman gives us his take on what type of impact ASJ will make on the roster next spring when he enrolls in school. Scott also thinks this could be the start of a four and five star player avalanche of talent signing with Washington.

With his size, speed, athleticism and soft hands, Seferian-Jenkins is a perfect fit in Washington's offense. He'll be able to challenge corners with his size and safeties and linebackers with his speed and athleticism.

Chris Fetters of Dawgman who was in Gig Harbor last night gives his take on the ASJ signing.

Why the Huskies? "Coach Sark, the players there - it's going to be a national championship soon, and I want to be a part of that," Seferian-Jenkins said after donning a purple and grey UW hat to big applause from a noticeably partisan audience at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club. "I want to be that hometown guy, that local guy that helps brings them back up. I think I can do that, I know I can do it. We're gonna do it.