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Puppy Chow - ASJ Is a Husky Edition

Austin Seferian- Jenkins announced his decision to play football at the University of Washington at a public welcome press conference held at the Gig Harbor Yacht Club this evening. Seferian-Jenkins is one of the top TE recruits in  the country. He picked Washington over Texas, UCLA, Alabama, and Florida.

Sark is doing a great job fencing off the state this year. WR Kasen Williams and DT Danny Shelton are the last two big targets left on the in state board and both are considered to be Washington leans at this point. Williams will announce his decision later this month.

"I committed to UW because it was the right fit. I think it is the number one program in the country and is rising. There are great coaches, people and players."

"It was to build hype for UW, said Seferian-Jenkins. No matter what school I went to, no matter what they did or how they did it, it didn't change how I felt. Washington is the best school in the country. I chose them over everyone in the country. I'm ready to get some roses for Washington and UW fans."

"I have been talking to a lot of the guys I met over the summer...I have a lot of them lined up. This is going to be a great class."

"I feel Washington has the best coaching staff in the country, no doubt about it," said Seferian-Jenkins. "That's why great players are coming and more players are there already."


Middleton Headed to Nebraska?

Kavario says on his face book page that he wants to go to Nebraska. If that doesn't work out he would consider Miami. I am hearing that it is just a matter of finding room for him at either place. Wherever he lands he will sit out this season and have two more to play starting in 2011.

The High Price of Watching College Football

College football tickets aren't cheap but Pac 10 fans get the best deal in the country in comparison with the other major conferences according to these series of reports in the Oregonian.

College football tickets: Despite recession, prices to nation's top games cost fans more than ever!

The Oregonian

Big Ten Championship Game

Nobody was surprised that the Big Ten championship game will be held in Indianapolis. Delaney also comments that they should have their divisions drawn up soon.

"I wanted to get it accomplished so we could tell our television partner where it would be broadcast," Delany said. "We know the people in Indianapolis, we know they have a great facility, we know they are teed up to have the Super Bowl in 2012 and I said to athletic directors, we're not making this a long-term commitment. It makes a lot of logistical sense."


Big Blue about to be Black and Blue

The NCAA questioned Rich Rodriguez and staff from Michigan for over seven and a half hours in a Seattle hotel on Saturday.

The NCAA has accused Michigan of five major rules violations related to practices and workouts. The allegations came after a Detroit Free Press report that led to investigations by the school and the NCAA. The school admitted in May it was guilty of four violations, but spent Saturday challenging the allegation that Rodriguez failed to promote an atmosphere of compliance.