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Day Five - Sark not happy with Internet reports

The coach isn't happy about the specific practice information being posted on the Internet. It's OK to say this or that guy is doing good or someone scored a touchdown. When it gets down to specific schemes and coaching techniques it crosses the line. It is a policy we have always followed on this blog and I want to thank all of our readers for cooperating.

I always read Bob Condotta ot the Times each day but I don't really have time to follow his readers comments section. It seems that is where the informal practice reports have been published without censure. It isn't Bob's job to delete or edit posts so Husky fans need to cool it when it comes to posting what they see at practice on the Internet. If you post there or anywhere use common sense.

Having practices open to the general public and media is a gift. We all learned that painfully during the Willingham years. Please don't abuse the privilege!

"I love having open practices, but I want them to respect the fact that they are open and that we're working and that we're trying to get better, and not go on the internet and not go on blogs and talk about what we're doing and how we're going about our business. Because ultimately if it continues, I'm going to have to close them, and I don't want to do that. I want to give our fans access to practice and the way we work. I love the atmosphere out here, but competitively, if it continues I'm going to have to shut it down."

"I think they can say it was a great practice, or the intensity was good or whatever that may be...if it was 85 degrees, it was 85 degrees (but) going into specifics of drills, plays, interactions with players or interaction between players and coaches or between coaches and coaches I don't think is acceptable. I think the bottom line is common sense. You push the common sense button when you're on the internet."