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The Texas take on ASJ

 Inside sources at Texas are saying ASJ to UW.

Texas thinks ASJ is a left tackle.

So to rip off the band aid, here’s what went down this past weekend with respect to Austin Seferian-Jenkins. We wanted him as a 260 pound tight end of the future. And he wanted to be our 260 pound tight end of the future. But he stepped on the scales and it read 276 –read: 310 Lb future anchor tackle of the Washington Huskies.

Notice how Austin praises our staff’s honesty in all the subsequent updates? That’s what he’s referring to.

At this point, the travel expense issue is just a rationalization to help him choose Washington. At this point it looks like it’s U Dub all the way. Sarkisian has done a good job closing the gap on the in-state stud and AS-J’s presence at a Huskies practice this week comes as no surprise.