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The Monday Morning Wash

How profitable is the Washington football program during an 0-12 season?

Washington netted $15.64 million in 2008-2009 which ranked it second in the Pac 10 behind Oregon State which had net revenue of $18.64 million. Oregon State ranks 18th nationally, while Washington is 22nd and USC is 26th.

No big surprise that Texas was number one nationally by a large margin. The Longhorns bring in over $87 million in gross revenue. USC was the leader inthe Pac 10 with $32.5 million.

AOL Fan House ran the three part series.

Neutral site for Oregon/WSU?

Coug Center has been running an interesting series of articles about moving the WSU/Oregon game to Seattle every year. The move could generate up to $2 million for each program. I think it is a great idea but I doubt that Oregon is going to go for it. The increase in revenue is a drop in the bucket for the Ducks who would have to give up a home game every other year. Does Oregon really have a desire to play in Seattle every year?

A more interesting proposal may be to simply move the Oregon/Oregon State game from Pullman to Seattle each year. The move guarantee's a full stadium for the Cougars without having to give up a big chunk of change to Oregon. If I was Bill Moos that is what I would be looking doing something like that.

EA Sports

We are going to be participating in a six part series of articles/essays sponsored by EA Sports on the blog starting today. EA is releasing this years version of their college football game and this is one of the ways they have chosen to promote it.

All the SBN college football blogs will be doing it so it will be interesting to visit the other blogs to see what they have come up with. The first post being released out is titled - Where I come from - How I became a Washington Husky Football fan. If you go to ATQ, Coug Center, and our other sister sites you will see the same topics discussed.

At the end of each post we will be inviting readers to explain how they became fans of their team. Each of the six posts will operate in this manner: we take the lead by telling you a story about our fandom, and we invite you to tell us about yours.

I think this is an interesting concept and it will be very interesting to see what everyone comes up with over the next six days.

Top 25

Ted Miller of ESPN finished his list of the top 25 Pac 10 players going into the season. The list includes (2) Jake Locker and (13) Mason Foster. OSU's Jacquizz Rodgers is rated number one. I found it interesting that Washington WR Jermaine Kearse and RB Chris Polk didn't make the list even though I am sure that Ted gave them plenty of consideration.

See You Later Todd

USC RB coach Todd McNair has been released by USC. McNair was the key figure in the Reggie Bush case linking the coaching staff to possible knowledge of Reggie Bush's payoff by a local sports agent. check for more in the LA Times.

McNair released this statement on Friday. "Coach McNair and USC are separating on friendly terms. It is my understanding that this decision does not in any way indicate that USC agrees with the finding against Coach McNair. I understand USC is going to continue to work closely with me and Todd to appeal his finding and penalty."