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Are you about to become an E-1 tailgate refugee?

Matthew Halverson of Seattle Met magazine called me today about a story he wants to write about the folks who are about to be displaced in the E-1parking lot by Sound Transit construction this fall. Matt and I usually talk before the season begins while he prepares an article about Husky football.

We are looking for non-Tyee members who used to tailgate in the E-1 parking lot but will be forced out this fall when it becomes Tyee-only.

Anyone who wants to talk to Matt can contact him via phone, email, and posting to the blog (feel free to do all three).

If you want to vent, tell us how you will be affected, or have a story to tell he would like to be in contact with you ASAP.

Because of deadlines he needs to get feedback by tomorrow or Friday.

You can reach Matt at:

206-957-2234 extension 133

Thanks in advance for participating!

Seattle Met Magazine