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What about the Tight End?

Up to a week or so ago Washington looked like they were in pretty good shape at TE in comparison to other teams in the conference but with the loss of Kavario Middleton the Huskies will have some shoring up to do as far as the position is concerned.

Jr (6'3 232)  Chris Izbicki is the starter and he got some good experience last season backing up or playing in tandem with Middleton. A lot was expected out of Chris when he was recruited but he has yet to blossom. He hasn't shown a set of great hands yet but he hasn't had a lot of chances either. This year he is going to get his shot to show what he can do on a consistent basis.

RS (6'2 220) Marlion Barnett is smallish for a TE and will likely be used in an H-Back type of role. Sr (6'2 231) Dorson Boyce was moved to FB this spring because he didn't have good size for the position either.

True Frosh (6'6 250) Michael Hartvigson is the ideal size and the coaches like him a lot. Even before Middleton left the coaches were mulling over whether to play him right away or season him for one year.Hartvigson was a good basketball player in HS and those skills transfer well to this position.

Walk On Fr (6'3 230) Evan Hudson who went to HS with Hartvigson and Colin Porter will also get a long look if they don't start him out at DE. RS 6'2 248) Kimo Makaula started out his career as a FB but UW has plenty of depth at the position so a move to TE this season could make some sense.