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Potential Freshman Impact

The Washington coaching staff opened some eyes last season when Desmond Trufant who had missed nearly two weeks of camp to make up a class won the starting job at cornerback. It served notice that the best will play regardless of whatever class they happen to be in.

How many true freshman will play in 2010?

I am thinking a little over half the class so that means around 15. The biggest immediate impact these kids will have is on special team. The speed and talent this class brings should make UW more of a threat to score either way in this all important phase of the game.



Nobody wants Nick Montana to take a snap until next year but if he does it means it is because Jake Locker is injured. Nick picked things up quickly this spring and while the Husky staff would like to save a year of his eligibility all bets are off if Jake goes down for any extended period of time.

  • QB Nick Montana

With Chris Polk, Johri Fogerson, and Demetrius Bronson returning there doesn't seem to be a lot of urgency at the TB position. While Polk was resting his shoulder this spring and Bronson was having trouble hanging on to the ball Callier and Cooper opened some eyes locally and nationally. Seasoned observers feel that these two guys will develop into one of the nations best tandems before they leave. Even though they will be backing up Polk the speed they bring to special teams will elevate the team in 2010.

(Impact Alert: Washington hasn't had a home run threat on special teams since Rankin graduated. If these two guys can add that dimension it will create a huge impact. Speed kills and these two guys have it. Don't discount the quality reps they will get spelling Polk.)

  • TB Jessie Callier
  • TB Deontae Cooper

Nothing is written in stone but Huskies have plenty of depth at FB so Zach is a good candidate to RS. The quality of that depth isn't special either so perhaps with a good camp he could open up the eyes of the coaches to be considered for early playing time.

  • FB Zach Fogerson

Washington has the best receiving trio in the Pac 10 but the depth behind them has yet to distinguish itself. Campbell and Smith look ready to play according to observers who have seen them at the informal workouts.

(Impact Alert: These guys are going to be special so they will push some experienced guys out of the rotation this season. These kids are taller USC type receivers who can compliment the starting three.)

  • WR Kevin Smith
  • WR DiAndre Campbell

This spring I would have given Michael a 15% chance of playing early because UW had 3-4 kids ahead of him. With the departure of Kavario he may be a solid number two to Izbicki by the time camp breaks if UW doesn't move someone over from FB like Kimo Makaula or Dorson Boyce.

(Impact Alert: The number two TE job is wide open.)

  • TE Michael Hartvigson

Two of these kids are going to play this season and the best early bets are on Colin Porter, Erik Kohler, and Colin Tanigawa.

(Impact alert: Porter and Kohler are immediately being groomed as starters.)

  • OL Colin Porter
  • OL Erik Kohler
  • OL Colin Tanigawa
  • OL Ben Riva
  • OL James Atoe
  • OL Michael Cristie
  • OL Micah Hatchie


Potoae and Lagafuiana are ready to contribute if needed. With Elisara playing more outside and Duncan transferring it opens up playing time in the interior. I could see Potoae filling in when Elisara is outside. We all saw Laga's work out it was a year old!

(Impact Alert: Potoae could be the starter at DT by the end of fall camp.)


  • DT Sione Potoae
  • DT Lawrence Lagafuiana

Kelani Aldrich, Talia Chrichton, Deshon Matthews, and Cameron Elisara will start the fall in the two deep. Everette Thompson is still a question mark to return after achilles tendon surgery. Jamora and Hudson have enough size to play this season and because of depth concerns they will. Williams is a pass rushing specialist who needs a year in the weight room if he is going to play DE.

(Impact Alert: Jamora and Hudson will be in the rotation.)

  • DE Haouli Jamora
  • DE Andrew Hudson
  • DE Brent Williams

Burnett was here this spring and wrapped up the back up job at MLB. Victor looked great in the spring game and should have a strong fall. Josh Shirley was a late pick up who has the ability to challenge and win the starting slot at SLB/Leo this season. Kearse, Pelleur, Fuimaono, and Gilliliand all arrived ready to play and could contribute on special teams.

(Impact Alert: Look for the coaches to use Shirley early and often in pass rushing situations.)

  • LB Victor Burnett
  • LB Josh Shirley
  • LB Jamaal Kearse
  • LB Cooper Pelleur
  • LB Princeton Fuimaono
  • LB Garrett Gilliliand

Washington is deep in the defensive backfield despite moving two safeties to LB in the off season. UW is a solid 2-3 deep at every position back here going into the fall. That being said Parker and Ducre are special enough to earn time in the rotation. Ducre may be the quickest kid on the roster this fall. Parker is a tremendous prospect who could push himself into a starting job sometime this season. The competition will be fierce back here and that is exactly the way the coaches like it.

(Impact Alert: Washington is deep back here but Parker and Ducre make this unit even better.)

  • S Sean Parker
  • CB Gregory Ducre
  • S Taz Stephenson
  • S John Timu