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Puppy Chow - Dawg Day's Continued...

Not a lot of news out there right now since most of the coaches and college football journalists are taking time off before the start of camp.

Ted Miller is running his annual Best Case/ Worst Case scenarios on his blog.

Third in a series looking at potential dream and nightmare scenarios for all Pac-10 teams, starting at the bottom and working up from my vote in the Pac-10 media poll.


Chris Fetters and Scott Elkund of Dawgman are reporting that the freshman are now working out with the team during informal workouts. They put together a comprehensive report based on what they saw Tuesday.

Andrew Hudson looks in great shape and so does Jamora. Williams is bit on the thin side, so I stand by my prediction that he is a "for sure" redshirt this fall. Jamora and Hudson both look like, physically, they could play this fall.

Lloyd Lake is interviewed by Bryant Gumbel on HBO and the OC Register comments:

It’s hard to watch HBO’s revisiting of Lloyd Lake without concluding the following: Reggie Bush handled the entire situation terribly – and selfishly — on multiple levels. USC officials, including Pete Carroll, should have been suspicious from the get-go when Bush rolled onto campus in a tricked-out Impala.

OC Register

According to Bruins Nation the LA Times just released an investigative report on the USC athletic department which will probably make any chance of a successful appeal with the NCAA moot. ( They really don't mince words when talking about Pete Carroll and USC.)

Well looky here. The LA Times actually deployed someone other than their regular Trojan beat writers and rear end kissing columnists such as Chris Duffresne and Bill Plaschke to get the inside story on Mike Garrett's program and BOOM: they come up with a report exposing Pete Carroll as a lying, two faced sleazebag.

USC is trying to beef up its compliance immediately according to this article over at ESPN

Every University of Southern Califonia football player must meet with school compliance officials by the end of next week, in what looks to be the school's latest effort to curtail possible NCAA-outlawed activities for its student-athletes.


Don't call me Shirley

The latest on Josh Shirley is that he may be interested in USC now that UCLA has released him. The Trojans have a need at LB. Why pick USC when they are facing two years of probation? Why not just re-enroll at UCLA during winter quarter? Washington could be another landing place. The big question of course is if anyone in the conference (outside of Eugene) wants to give him an immediate second chance after being involved in a theft.