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Pac 12 Alley

As we near the fourth of July weekend and news is scarce it is once again time to take a tour of the Pac 12 blogs to see what our neighbors are up to.

Ted Miller of ESPN features two of the funniest commercials ever made by a former Pac 10 player. Former ASU WR Isaiah Mustafa has become the Old Spice Man and I think he is going to sell a lot of deodorant. You have to see these two video's...they are hilarious!

Remember our old friend, Isaiah Mustafa, the former Arizona State receiver who a short while ago -- "Hello, ladies!" -- The Man your Man can smell like.

He's back. Swan dive!

Addicted to Quack has the usual connection of great links but one caught my eye in particular since Oregon and UW are both going after QB Brett Hundley.

Might the Ducks soon be swimming in an ocean of quarterback talent? Rob Moseley recaps the current situation...three returners next year + two commitments already this summer + potentially two more top recruits looking hard at the Ducks. Who will stick? Who might switch positions? A lot will unfold over the next eight months.

Bruins Nation examines the impact of losing three top recruits before the beginning of camp.

As you can see, the just punishment handed out by CRN was a little more than window dressing from the perspective of these young adults. Even though CRN provided a possibility of their return to the program, it will be up to them to resolve their legal issues, stay focused both on and off the field at a JC before making their bids to come back to Westwood. It is not going to be easy but we wish them luck.

Arizona Desert Swarm says that any news is good news unless it is about potential weapons charges.

Delashaun Dean was charged over the past weekend with one count of misconduct with weapons. Dean was widely expected to be a large part of the Wildcats offense this season, which will be expected to carry the team with the significant losses on the defensive side of the ball.

The California Golden Blog held around table on expansion with some of the other SBN member blogs.

Now, with the historic perspective of approximately two weeks, us SBN Pac12 sites can provide that bigger picture.  We can take that step back and look at all the angles on this one.  So, follow us after the jump to see what some of your favorite sites, like Addicted To Quack and more from Addicted To Quack, had to say.  I knew that Addicted To Quack was great for more than just eye candy!  GO BEARS!

Coug Center tackles the question of moving the annual WSU/Oregon football game to QWest Field from a duck perspective.

The biggest factor for Oregon, like WSU, will be money. The sentiment that Oregon doesn't need alternative sources of revenue has been overplayed many places. Oregon, like every other school out there, could use a bump in money. The Ducks have bonds on Matt Court to pay off, and plans to build an addition to Autzen Stadium for football offices. State budgets everywhere are in trouble and athletic departments are seeing the effects right now. While Oregon's athletic department operates at a higher volume and is in better shape than most, they can still use additional revenue if a deal is favorable for them.

Conquest Chronicles says that the NCAA has Institutional Control problems of their own.

Part of the NCAA's problem is that they make the rules on the fly. There is no guidance form the NCAA as to just how certain things should be. They simply don't evolve with the changing times.

The NCAA seemed to take issue with USC's open practices. Why? There is nothing in the rule book that states that open practices are against the rules. There is no rule that says that any athletic practices have to be closed to the public.There is no bylaw stating who can or cannot be on the sidelines at practice or the games. The school can certainly monitor access and make determinations as to who should or should not be on the sidelines. Is there a rule stating different that we are unaware of?

Neither of USC's "agent problems" WRT Bush and Mayo stemmed from Pete Carroll's policies of having open practices...

Do ASU fans even care about the CWS? House of Sparky dares to ask the question.

Sports fans in Arizona are known for their fair-weather temperament. Heck, we're fair-weather everything - look at the way valley drivers react to rainstorms during monsoon season. Are we just apathetic towards mediocrity, or does it run deeper than that?

Building the Dam provides a link to the underrated Mike Riley.

Do not be fooled or misled by Mike Riley’s outwardly placid, Pacific Northwest-mellow, uncomplicated attitude. Oregon State’s veteran football coach is ultra-competitive, motivated by what he calls a "fear of sliding backwards."

Jon Wilner asks if Stanford and Cal will present a united front during conference realignment?

I have to think that Cal and Stanford would side together. As much as a rivalry exists between fans, players and coaches, the administrations get along pretty well — at least, that’s always been my impressions.

Our friend Jazzy Ute who runs the Block U blog asks himself what the hell did I unleash?

A great debate over on the Cal board between Ute fans and a Cougar fan still grasping to the idea his team is relevant outside of Utah.

The Ralphie Report covers AD Mike Bohn's press conference were he retreated from his position that Colorado would play in the same division as the LA schools.

Bohn sounded a little frustrated by the process mentioning that the only thing decided is the Buffs will be in the Pac-10 in 2012-2013. The University is still hoping for an early departure in 2011 like Nebraska intends to do but those details are still being worked out. Some of the other topics that  must be decided other than when Colorado will move conferences or how much the buyout will be is whether the Pac-10 conference will have a championship game, if the Buffs will add sports and how the Pac-10 teams will be divided up.