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The Monday Morning Wash

Not a lot going on over the weekend that we haven't covered previously so today's edition of the MMW is going to be pretty short and sweet. I will have some opponent previews up later in the week and as usual we will be commenting on whatever pops up in a timely manner.

WSU vs UO at Qwest Every Year?

This idea is getting some serious traction and they guys over at Coug Center like the proposal for more reasons than  just revenue.

In the interest of full disclosure, I was a fan of Jim Sterk moving the Oregon game from Martin Stadium to Qwest Field. To me, the answer at the time was simple and the amount of money to be made outweighed the loss of losing a home-field advantage.

Coug Center

Jake Chat Today

Pop over the the ESPN site later today to chat with UW QB Jake Locker.

ESPN/Jake Locker Chat Today at 4:30 PM PST

Soft hands at UCLA

A little more information coming out on the incident at UCLA.

Sgt. Paul Stewart said Sunday the victim called police to the dining area of the Hendrick Hall dormitory, where she found her bag missing from a storage locker Wednesday. After an investigation, three 18-year-old freshmen enrolled in the school's summer session were taken into custody.

Associated Press

James Atoe

Here is a link from our sister site "Building the Dam" that has a great photo of James Atoe. This guy is scary huge! James was impressive in his all star game this past weekend.

All Poly Camp

We keep getting questions about recruiting in Hawaii. This article in the Honolulu Advertiser illustrates how hard this staff works in the Islands building relationships throughout the year.

"The point was to come and have an opportunity to give back and support the kids," Sarkisian said. "They're coming here trying to get better, not only on the football field, but in what it takes in the classroom and off the field to make it happen."

One of the questions I get around this time of year is where are all the recruits from Hawaii? Is this a down year in Hawaii?

This is a typical year in Hawaii. There is plenty of BCS talent in the islands as usual. Recruiting begins later over there because there simply are not a lot of camps and combines for the players to participate in compared to the mainland. Generally film starts arriving from the Islands after Thanksgiving and once evaluations are completed most of the recruiting is done in December and January.

QB Decisions?

Bob Condotta of the Seattle Times is speculating that QB Marcus Mariota could be headed to UW since the Ducks signed another QB over the weekend. As we said last week the best case scenario for Washington at this point would be the signing of Hundley and Mariota and it looks like the stars could align that way in coming days.

The Brewery

Jerry Brewer of the Seattle Times has a new blog and he has creatively named it the 'brewery".