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UCLA Police Blotter

Three extremely high profile UCLA recruits were picked up this weekend on felony theft charges. Paul Richardson, Shaquille Richardson were released on $20,000 bail while Josh Shirley was released without having to pony up any bail money.

Seems like Shirley may have just been in the wrong place at the wrong time with the wrong people.

Our sister site Bruins Nation has more details and reactions from hard core Bruin fans. The overwhelming consensus from the Bruins site is to give them all the boot or at least suspend them from the team while the charges are investigated.

Funny how different UW and UCLA fans are from University of Oregon fans

This isn’t the U of South Central. They have to go.

Lets not jump to any conclusions just yet. being arrested for something and being guilty are two very different things, lest we forget LAPD’s illustrious history…

This is Coach Neuheisel’s opportunity to set the tone in many respects. To begin with, if any or all of the three are innocent—that needs to be established quickly. The kid or kids who have committed no crime need to be identified as innocent. This cannot turn into Duke II with innocent students being pilloried. More to the point, all innocents in this caper need to get back to work on school so they can ultimately graduate and get ready to win football games.

Practice hasn't even started and Rick Neuheisel has a very difficult decision to make. We know what the old CU or UW Rick would do...the UCLA Rick might be a different type of cat...we will see.