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Kibbles and Bits

OLB Darius Waters from Lakes HS will not qualify and will be headed to Arizona Western JC for the next two years. He says he still wants to be a Husky, and will do whatever it takes to get back, but it is tough to project UW's needs two years into the future coupled with the fact that few JC's ever qualify to get into UW.

SLB Chris Young is still working and while it doesn't look good that he will make it in this summer there is still some hope for the winter quarter. I guess we will find out over the next couple of weeks where he will end up. Chances are it might be at Arizona Western with Mr. Waters.

We have been talking quite a bit about divisional splits and while nothing has been decided yet word coming out of the Pac 10 office is that they will likely keep a nine game conference schedule which will mean more visits to LA for the schools up North.

No word yet on what the Big Ten is going to do but all the other 12 team conferences have been playing eight games which gives them four at home and four away every year. It also gives them four non-conference games which are getting harder and more expensive to fill all the time.

While we are wondering about divisional set ups in the Pac 10 the administrations at Nebraska and Colorado have litigation on their minds. It has been reported that it could cost each school up to $10 million each to leave the Big 12. Expect Colorado and Nebraska to fight it in court over the next few years to get some fiscal relief.

The Big 12 on the other hand may just go along with it rather than have the backroom dealings of the past month become public. A very plausible theory floating around out there is that Texas orchestrated all the speculation to get two of the members to jump so there would be more money left for the survivors. In hindsight that seems to be exactly what happened.

All World USC recruit Seantrel Henderson didn't show up for orientation and is seriously considering going somewhere else to school. The sanctions USC received where much tougher than the coaching staff told him they would be...surprise! Lane Kiffin, Ed Orgeron, James Cregg, and Monte Kiffin took a private jet to the Twin Cities on Monday to make sure the 6-foot-8, 330-pound left tackle still was word yet on how that went.

Washington State has a Florida pipeline?

Olympia WR Henry Eaddy and Isiah Myers, and Dr. Phillips LB Darryl Monroe all three committed to Washington State on Tuesday, giving the Cougars four Orlando commitments in two days. Spencer Waseem of Apoka committed on Monday.  Have any of these kids visited Pullman yet?