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More Splits-Ville Combo's

A long time reader wrote today that it seemed that I had changed my tune concerning UW's God given right to play home and away in LA every year. I haven't changed my tune but it is obvious that with twelve schools and a maximum of nine conference games something has to give.

I do present a scenario/split where UW and Oregon could stay together with the California schools. You do get to go to LA and the Bay Area every year but you also have a tougher traditional schedule in comparison to the other division. Be careful of what you ask for.

Here is a challenge for you guys...come up with an equitable split of your own and post it for us.

The North / South Split

USC, UCLA, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Colorado

Washington, WSU, Oregon, OSU, Stanford, California

Pros: Seems to be the favorite at this point because it reduces travel costs and gives the Northwest teams regular visits to the Bay area. If they use a nine game conference schedule it will mitigate the loss of road games to SOCAL to a certain point.

Cons: The division as a whole faces the recruiting disadvantage of not playing in LA every year.


The Zipper Split

USC, Arizona, Colorado, Stanford, Oregon State, WSU

Washington, Oregon, California, Utah, UCLA, Arizona State

Pros: Everyone shares the same poison. One of the cross division games would be against a rival.

Cons: The rivals are split down the middle.


The Have's and Have Not split

Washington, Oregon, UCLA, California, Stanford, USC

Oregon State, Arizona, Arizona State, Utah, Colorado, WSU

Pros: The power schools in the league all stay together.

Cons: One traditional strong division and one traditional weak division.


The Cali-Zona Split

Washington, WSU, Oregon, Oregon State, Colorado, Utah

USC, UCLA, Stanford, California, Arizona,  Arizona State

Pros: If you are in California or Arizona you will love this and it keeps traditional rivals together.

Cons: The Northwest schools lose LA and the Bay Area. This is the North/South with less benefits.